My Sunday Reset Routine

August 1, 2019

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Get focused and organized with a Sunday reset routine! Plan for your week ahead with these simple tips to keep your week on track before it even begins!

I recently heard someone talking about their Sunday reset routine on Instagram.  They use Sunday almost like a Monday to get ready for the upcoming week.  On Sunday, they catch up on correspondence, clean up the house, go through apps on their phone, and set up their planner.  It’s a genius idea!  And just the thing I needed since I was feeling really unorganized and scatterbrained.

Let me tell you – my new Sunday reset routine has made a ton of difference with how I go forward every week!  So now on Sunday – usually during the evening – I sit down with my laptop, phone, and planner and plan my upcoming week.  It keeps my upcoming week in order and gives me one more day to tie up any loose ends from the previous week.

Ahead of my new weekly routine, I bought myself a Happy Planner. I’ve had quite a few planners over the years and wasn’t always the best at keeping up with them.  But this new routine has definitely help me keep on top of scheduling in my planner.  I tend to be more productive when I have a plan set and a to-do list written out. 

Writing down what I need to do during the upcoming week helps me stay on top of things like blog work, house work, food shopping, meal planning, etc. Plus, It’s always nice to see the things I’ve accomplished with a check mark next to them!

If you’re looking for a new way to organize your week, here’s what my Sunday reset routine includes:

Schedule in your planner

This is where my reset routine all begins!

  • Write out things to do or things you want to achieve during the upcoming week
  • Throw on some fun stickers to jazz up your planner pages
  • Bookmark important pages and dates with planner paperclips 

Keeping a planner is such a great way to keep my week in order and know what I’ve got going on when I wake up in the morning!

Go through your paper mail

On Sunday, we go through our mail bins in the office.  We pay bills, file papers, and respond to anything that needs responding.  It’s an easy way to stay on top of things and keep ourselves organized. 

Reach inbox zero

E-mail is probably one of my favorite ways to communicate, but keeping on top of e-mails isn’t always easy.  I try to respond to e-mails almost as soon as I get them.  But a lot of the time, they end up piling up.  Now, I spend time on Sunday sorting through my inbox, responding to e-mails, and achieving inbox zero.

Clear your apps

This was another thing that I thought was a brilliant idea!  How often do you go through your apps and clear things out?  Now, I’m doing it on a weekly basis.

  • Send photos you want to save to your e-mail and save to a flash drive
  • Clear out old texts and phone calls
  • If you have social media follower apps, keep them up-to-date and reset your lists
  • Make sure all of your apps are updated

Clean up counter tops and other surfaces

This isn’t just a Sunday night thing, obviously.  I tend to wipe down counters and the kitchen sink before I go to bed every night.  But I like to start a new week with a clean house.  So on Sunday, I tend to get all of my dusting, vacuuming, and straightening up out of the way. 

Water your houseplants

If you’re crazy for plants, like I am, then you probably have quite a few plant babies to take care of.  I think we now have more than one plant in just about every room of our house!  I’ve been making it a habit to check my plants on Sunday, watering them if they need it, and even giving them a good turn to make sure they soak up all the light they need!

Meal plan/prep for the week

I’ll admit that meal planning sometimes trickles into my Monday, but I’ll usually at least start cooking for the week on Sunday.  I don’t do full on meal prepping, but I do prep a lot of salads, snacks, and sides to eat during the week.  It not only cuts down my cooking time, but I get to use up a lot of food in our fridge and cabinets.  You’ve gotta love when there’s no waste!

If you’re finding yourself a little unorganized and scatterbrained lately, make yourself a Sunday reset routine. I promise you that you’ll see a boost in productivity during the week and you’ll feel a lot less overwhelmed, too! 


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