The Memories We Make

November 14, 2014

When Summer comes to an end and the days get shorter, I tend to feel a little sadness.  I know our evening walks on the beach will come to an end.  Our days spent outside in the garden will dwindle and we’ll find ourselves spending more time indoors.  But it hasn’t been that way since Fall’s arrival.  We have done so much!  I realize that Winter is just around the bend so I am enjoying these moments as much as I can before we find ourselves tucked beneath our blankets, hibernating for the Winter.  

I love living in an area where the beach, the woods, the city and farmland is just a drive away.  I never was much of an outdoorsy girl, but I appreciate it so much more as I grow older.  While I spent so much time in my teenage years wondering how to get the hell out of here, as an adult I have found a way to make something more from where I live – memories.  And better yet, someone to make them with me.



We went canoeing over the Summer and both really enjoyed it.  We said we would do it again in the Fall when the leaves changed.  A few weeks ago, we rented a canoe for a couple hours.  It was a beautiful, Fall day and the peaceful stretch of river not far from our home proved to be just as pleasing.  The leaves were just starting to burst with color and I probably did a half-ass job of paddling as I snapped photos with my iPhone.
A true test to a relationship is being stuck in a canoe with someone for a couple hours while you travel up and down a river.  The pretend “let’s tip the boat” movements.  The playful splashes.  Whistling the theme to “Halloween” repetitiously and not getting knocked out of the boat.  You’re stuck, kids, unless you want to swim.  And who knows what’s lurking in those waters besides duck poop and the occasional beer can you spot along the way.  Still, I’d do it all over again because I love being out on the water.  And I love being “stuck” with my fellow paddler.


Over the Summer, we bought a kite.  I had never flown a kite before so we took our adorkable NASA shuttle kite to the park.  As I waited for my turn, I realized I probably wasn’t getting one.  My husband turned into a kid as he ran the stretch of the grassy section we had claimed with our the kite.  It was a bit annoying at first, but then I turned it into an opportunity to nab some photos and laughter watching my husband, the kite astronaut, enjoy himself so much.
After kite flying, we did one of my most favorite new activities – hiking.  There’s something so magical about the woods.  Especially when it gets cooler out.  Have you ever gone hiking while the snow is falling?  MAGICAL!  But it’s just as special when the leaves change and color is everywhere.  It’s quiet.  It’s peaceful.  And sometimes you end up finding secrets in the woods when you take a different path.

Like Marilyn!  The hiking boots I got for my birthday are definitely coming in handy this year.  I would love to find new hiking trails to explore before we turn into an icy wonderland.

We recently went horseback riding after I dropped numerous hints to my husband.  We got to the farm on a weekend morning.  There were lessons going so we got the two trail horses available.  I was given Rosa.  My husband was given Red.  Rosa is an old girl.  She is stubborn. She needs a bit of budging and she knew she could play me.  So halfway up the trail, we turned around to switch horses.
I got on Red and felt so much more at ease.  We were a perfect fit!  Red was a such a good boy.  If I could have ridden him home and turned half our garage into a stable, I would!  I fell in love with this horse.  He was easy to handle and loved galloping, which I loved!  He was fun to ride, but also had quite a personality on him.  He HATED mud and as we rode through the woods, he would avoid muddy puddles.  I guess he didn’t want to ruin his pedicure!  As we got back to the stables, my husband said, “I guess Red is your favorite color now.”  If we visit again, I am definitely requesting my new pal, Red!

Most recently, my husband came home from work and asked if I wanted to go to a Devils game.  Like I would have said no!  So we had a rare Tuesday night date to see our team play the Wild.  When I thanked my husband for taking me on the way home he said, “I knew you wanted to go to a Wild game.”  Former Devils player Zach Parise (and definite hall pass) wasn’t there due to injury, the game wasn’t overly exciting although we won and yet the two of us sat in the stands talking and laughing most of the time and had those moments where we’d just look at each other and laugh.
As I hung up my #9 jersey in my closet, I smiled to myself.  While we may both have ongoing projects (me: establishing myself as a DIY designer and professional blogger, him: restoring a ’60-something Camaro) there are always going to be memories to be made.  We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs in our relationship, but those ups are OH-so-good!  So we hold onto them and look to create many, many more.


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