Things My Grandmother Taught Me

October 6, 2010

I was thinking about my grandmother today when I slipped on a pair of new ankle boots with a 4-inch heel.  The boots slid on like butter and walking in them gave me instant confidence and power in my stride.  I started to reflect on certain things that my grandmother used to tell me.  These became life lessons I have kept near and dear.

You Have the Perfect Feet for Heels

I have high arches just like my grandmother.  She used to tell me when I was younger that I would be able to wear heels easily when I was older because I had such high arches in my feet.  I remember having a little trouble with my first attempts at high heel wear.  My ankles felt wobbly, like stepping foot on the ice for the first time in skates.  My walk was ungraceful.  But with time and a little “Come on, Jessica.  You were meant for these shoes,” I got the hang of wearing them.  Now, I love the way I look in a pair of heels.  I love the inches they add to my 5’3” frame.  High heels add a boost in my step and make me feel sexy. 

Always Look Out of the Corner of Your Eye—You Never Know Who Might Be Looking Back

My grandmother was good about talking to her granddaughters about boys.  When we used to go out, she would point out a boy around my age and ask me if I thought he was cute.  The lesson learned from this granddaughter/grandmother bonding was that you should always keep watch by subtle glances out of the corner of your eye.  I still do this today. 

God is an Image of Whoever You Want Him to be

My grandmother used to take us for walks as kids and we’d discuss school, friends, art, and religion would come up a lot.  I would ask her about God that I was confused on what He looked like.  At the time, I was in CCD.  I saw pictures in books depicting what Jesus had looked like.  I wanted to know what God looked like.  I always pictured him as an older, wiser Jesus, but I wasn’t sure if I had the proper portrayal of Him.  Grandma told me that God was whoever I wanted him to be.  God was the trees.  God was in animals.  God was in us.  God was all around us.  If I knew my God in my heart, I would know His image. 

Olive Oil Isn’t Just for Cooking

I found out that my grandmother used olive oil for many things including home remedies.  She would put olive oil in her kids’ ears to ward off infection.  But the best remedy she staught me was to use olive oil for dry skin.  Now I must admit that I haven’t used this remedy after the one time she slathered my hands in oil because they were dry.  However I always found it interesting that she would moisturize with olive oil because she found out Marilyn Monroe moisturized with olive oil.  Marilyn was a girl’s best friend.

Friends May Come and Go, but Family is Forever

You’re stubborn when you’re in your adolescent years.  You don’t want to hear a word that your parents tell you.  Honestly, how on earth could they know you and what you want?!  How could they possibly know what’s best?  I never used to believe that my friends would come and go, but they did.  It happens when you start your own lives and make your own place in the world.  Thankfully with social websites it is a lot easier to connect and reconnect with people, but I must say that it took me a while to realize that some of the best friends I had were from my own family. 

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