Trendy Mushroom Home Decor Ideas

April 20, 2023

Mushrooms are super popular this year! Add this earthy fungi trend to your home with these Trendy Mushroom Home Decor Ideas including wall art, tabletop decor, pillows, and more!

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Mushrooms have taken over home decor and fashion trends!  I’ve even seen the fungi trend hit holiday decor this past year!  So what’s with this slightly groovy, totally earthy trend?  Well, from what I’ve read, it seems like it all ties into plant lovers and the plant based movement.  It’s about bringing a little bit of the outside indoors while appreciating the power behind the shroom.

Like did you know that the fashion industry has taken the mushroom and turned it into a leather-like textile?  And that if you’re eating more plant based foods, mushrooms are a delicious meaty substitute!  I mean, have you ever tried a Portobello burger or mushroom jerky?  Yum!

So it’s kind of easy to see why so many people have come to love the mighty mushroom!  Even to the point of adding mushroom inspired shapes and patterns to home decor (no psychedelic black light required)!

Trendy Mushroom Home Decor Ideas

Since many mushroom varieties grow in the spring, it’s the perfect time to add some of this wildly popular decor to your home!  These sort of retro, semi-boho chic items would look darling decorating walls, bedrooms, living rooms, and even outside in the garden!

  1. Diamond Mushroom Wall Decor
  2. Mushroom Spoon Rest
  3. Ceramic Mushroom Vase
  4. Mushroom Tapestry
  5. Vintage Mushroom Poster with Hanger Frame
  6. Glass Mushroom Vases
  7. Ceramic Mushroom Planter
  8. Disco Ball Mushroom
  9. Mushroom Wall Stickers
  10. Ceramic Mushroom Garden Stakes
  11. Stained Glass Moon and Mushrooms Suncatcher
  12. Mushroom All Season Blanket
  13. Brass Mushroom Wall Hooks
  14. Mushroom Lumbar Throw Pillow Cover
  15. Mushroom Kids Rug
  16. Grow Your Own Way Mushroom Decor
  17. Plush Mushroom Pillow
  18. Rattan Mushroom Table Lamp
  19. Mushroom Front Door Decor
  20. Rattan Mushroom Basket

So that’s the “dirt” on the mushroom trend.  Which of these items would you like to add to your home decor?


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