Upcycled Window Chalkboard

August 7, 2013

Several years back, my father and mother put together picture windows.  They would take old windows, repaint them and add a poster and an accent or two behind them to turn into wall art.  I learned how to make them myself.  I had a beach view window hanging up in my old room.  I had made one as a gift for a friend.  I have always loved the art of turning something old into something new.
Last year, my husband and I purchased a can of chalkboard paint for a Christmas project I was working on. From that point on, I wanted to turn everything into a chalkboard.  I searched Pinterest for future projects and found one that was completely doable and wouldn’t cost me a thing.  Remembering those old windows in my parents’ basement, I asked my father if I could have one.  I took one home and asked my husband for some paint.
He gathered brushes and a can of white paint for me.  I sanded down the window frame and carefully taped up the window panes to give the frame a shiny new coat of white.  I primed the windows to paint with chalkboard paint.  I only got one coat of chalkboard paint on the window panes.  I had become distracted and neglected my project.

The window had been sitting in the basement for months until earlier this week.  My husband inspired me to get my butt moving again on my project while he was doing some work on the house.  I had been working in the garden, pulling weeds and making room for some fall planting.  I was just about to throw out my chalkboard garden stake (the chalkboard piece had begun to warp from rain) when I saw my husband in the garage removing the damaged piece.
He’s a smartypants, that one!  He created a metal piece to slide into the middle of the stake.  He primed it and gave it to me to paint with chalkboard paint.  My garden stake has been fixed!  While I had the can of chalkboard paint opened, I decided to finally finish my window project.
It was a gorgeous day outside, so I took my project outdoors.  I threw on a couple more coats of chalkboard paint, touched up the white window frame and stapled a piece of cardboard as a backing behind the chalkboard.  My project turned out great!  Now I’m just trying to figure out a place to put it.  My husband isn’t very fond of putting holes in the wall despite my persistence in telling him that “art is meant to be hung” and that he’s “stifling my creative juices!”  I have yet to back down so I left a little note on the chalkboard.  Hint, hint.  Nudge, nudge.


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