12 Vintage Inspired Halloween Decorations

October 15, 2019

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If you love everything vintage and antique, you’ll love these 12 Vintage Inspired Halloween Decorations featuring black cats, jack-o’-lanterns, and more!

I have always loved to browse antique stores and flea markets.  I can’t help but look at garage sales or take a peek at things thrown out at the curb.  That’s where I found an amazing jack-o-lantern tub that I use to plant mums every year (among other things)!  Older, vintage pieces have so much charm.  I always wonder about the stories behind them and where they came from!  

But even if you can’t find a vintage treasure to take home, there are plenty of vintage inspired holiday items (and decor, in general) popping up in stores.  Michaels has the most incredible vintage inspired Halloween decor again this year!  I was so excited for it that I bought the Countdown Jack-o’-lantern in July (and immediately started the countdown, of course)!

I keep saying that I need a bigger house for all of the decorations I want!  Thankfully, I managed to snag a few vintage inspired Halloween items over the years.  A lot of these decorations from Michaels remind me of my favorite Halloween decorations.  If you love vintage everything and especially Halloween, don’t miss out on these ghastly good decorations! 

12 Vintage Inspired Halloween Decorations
  1. Halloween Moon Bottle Cap Wall Sign
  2. Countdown Jack-o’-lantern
  3. Tabletop Pumpkin Man
  4. Halloween Ticket Wall Sign
  5. Jack-O’-Lantern Striped Candy Jar
  6. Black Cat Pillow
  7. Mini Jack-o’-Lantern Set
  8. Standing Candy Bowl
  9. Welcome Scaredy Cats Yard Stake
  10. Black and White Halloween Decor
  11. Wheel of Fortune Wall Sign
  12. Cat Candy Dish


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