Walking in a Winter Wonderland

December 22, 2012

My husband has been asking me to go for a walk in the woods for weeks now.  I had been so busy preparing for Christmas that I didn’t see how I could possibly make time for a walk in the woods when there was so much to be done.  But my shopping, wrapping and baking are all out of the way.  This afternoon, after lunch, we finally took that walk.
I’m not much of a nature girl.  I hate bugs.  Steep hills scare me, or maybe it’s the thought of breaking an ankle and tumbling down a steep hill that scares me more.  And I told my husband I was not leaping over any logs.  Just entering the trail, there was a sign with a giant bug on it.  I stopped my husband and said, “Oh wait a minute.  Why are they warning me about giant spiders?”  He said, “It’s not a spider.  It’s a deer tick.”  For some reason, that didn’t bother me as much as the thought of giant spiders.  We walked on.
As we rounded the trail, we came to a log across the path and a small hill.  My husband effortlessly stepped over the log and walked down the hill.  I said, “I told you I wasn’t leaping over any logs!”  He said, “You’re not leaping over it.  You’re walking over it.”  I walked over the log and got to the small drop.  I said, “That’s fine.  Don’t help me down.  Just stand there and watch me as I fall.”  He finds my dramatics amusing so he did stand there and watch me ever so carefully make my way down to him.
As we kept walking, we came to a lake.  We walked further down and reached a waterfall.  It made me realize how much hidden beauty is right here, close to home and all of my worries about being out in the woods slipped away.  As we stood and admired the waterfall, I snapped a picture and we started back to the top of the trail.  I must say that even though coming down hills scares me, I am a beast trekking up them.  Give me an incline to walk up any day!  I felt like a champ beating my husband up that hill!
As we got back to the truck, I started feeling a little sad that our walk was over.  I may have been nervous of certain things heading into the woods, but reaching that waterfall set my mind at ease.  Today was a perfect winter day.  There’s a chill in the air, but it doesn’t seem too cold and it’s been flurrying on and off.  It was a peaceful walk and it was nice being there in that moment with my husband, taking in nature.

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