Wedding Planning

June 19, 2012

I have to apologize for the lack of blog entries this week.  It hit me over the weekend that I have a month to plan a wedding and I really should start getting a move on it.  While our ceremony and reception will be small, I still have quite a list to tackle.  Only our parents will be at the ceremony, but 30 people will be at our backyard reception.  It’ll be a low key, intimate celebration, but I want it to be perfect like any wedding should be.  I’ve been spending my time planning, taking notes, shopping, placing orders, making favors and possibly driving Mike crazy!

Over the weekend, I went to a garden center with my mom to pick out flowers for the backyard.  Who would have thought that while I was there I would find my bouquet?  It’s a perfect little fake arrangement of yellow flowers that I’ll get to keep forever.  I also found these cute little frogs to put around the tables. 

I hopped online Sunday to search for more reception decor. proved to be very helpful.  I ordered wedding bubbles (for the kids!) that were on sale, adorable little personalized favors and beeswax candles with resin bees on them to decorate tables with.  Party City was helpful with our candy buffet.  I bought a variety of candy, bags to put favors in (wedding goodie bags!) and some butterfly lanterns to hang in the tents.  Then I went onto Amazon and bought a butterfly cake serving set. 

Oh the cake!  While I was going through my list, I realized that I had to order our cake.  I went to a local bakery and spoke with such a sweet woman about a wedding cake a few weeks ago.  I called her on Saturday and asked if I could come in and place my order.  We’re having a two tier round cake with cascading roses in lavender and pale yellow.  It’ll be vanilla cake with strawberry filling.  I cannot wait to see the finished cake!  I also finished my crafted wedding favors I started, what feels like, a million years ago.

I still have a few decorating items to purchase, but mainly I just need to make sure our tables and tents are in order (a friend of the family will be providing them), buy beverages, put my favors together and most importantly, decide on a caterer or else we’ll be noshing on candy and cake!  Other than that, the planning has gone into full swing and I’m less stressed and overwhelmed than I thought I would be.  With that said, a month from tomorrow will be the day I get my man, my best friend and my love for keeps!  Crazy!

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