Welcome Spring!

March 20, 2014

Winter kicked our asses this year!  The last patch of snow finally melted a few days ago from our backyard. There were so many hard days and nights to conquer this Winter.  Days without heat because of water issues in our gas lines on our street.  Days without my husband because he worked 24 hour shifts, feeling alone and missing him. Days where it seemed liked I never even made a dent shoveling because we kept getting pounded with snow.  But we’re finally at the light that once peered from the end of that very dark, very long tunnel.  My husband’s working regular hours again. Those frigid temperatures have changed into warmer days. Our gas line problems seem to be fixed (knock on wood). And now our minds are at ease, laughter is once again abound and our thoughts have ventured to lighter things like home improvements and gardening, and things to do in springtime.

We planted garlic cloves in our garden the other week.  They should be fresh bulbs by June.  We planned the rest of our garden and will be planting kale, tomatoes, peppers, scallions and radishes again with the addition of spinach and beets–so much for keeping our garden to a minimum this year!  Our bright, sunshine colored daffodils are starting to peek from beneath the earth.  I believe the Easter hyacinth I planted last year is making an appearance again, too. The seeds I started a couple weeks ago are now sprouts.  Not all of them came up, but those that have appeared are growing in nicely.

Weekend walks have been resumed and now that the days are longer, hopefully we’ll be resuming our after dinner walks as well.  All of these things are well within reach now that Spring has returned.  As someone who once wished for snowy winters, I can honestly say that I’ve had my fill for quite a long time.  I am ready for the warmth, sunshine and breezy days that Spring has to offer.

Happy Spring!  It’s about damn time!

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