Why I Do the Weekly Food Shopping

April 23, 2012

You can tell that Mike participated in this week’s food shopping list just by looking at my shopping cart.  I went food shopping at A&P this morning, spent $74.85.  Of that, $38 was Mike’s requests.

– chips (“anything that looks good”)
– peanut M&Ms
– jalapeno poppers
– cheesesteaks
– hot dog buns
– Cheerios (“not plain”)

This can only mean one thing…his snack drawer is empty and he’s apparently gotten sick of eating fruit and yogurt.  My list was a bit healthier, although a few things that weren’t on my list ended up in my cart.

– organic avocado
– 1 russet potato
– bananas
– organic vanilla soy milk
– tomatoes on the vine
– lamb chops (oops)
– ground beef
– large eggs
– whipped cream cheese
– everything bagels
– toothpaste
– tissues
– eco-friendly dish detergent
– toilet bowl cleaner

This is why I do the food shopping each week.  If it weren’t for me, we’d be having chocolate chip cookies and iced tea for dinner every night.  Had he moved some things around in the freezer, he would have noticed that we already had an unopened box of cheesesteaks plus an opened box of jalapeno poppers!  I rarely go to the grocery store with Mike for the simple reason that I’m embarrassed by his shopping habits.  He shops like a five year old (although sometimes it does make me laugh).  Then again, he often mocks me for buying organic products.  But at the end of the day, I’m usually the one cooking dinner so he has to eat what I put on the table!

So ladies and gents, this makes me wonder–who does the food shopping in your house?  Do you have limitations on junk food and other non-necessities?

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