USA Winter Olympics Paper Luminaries

January 26, 2018

Show your Olympic spirit and support for Team USA with Winter Olympics Paper Luminaries that take minutes to make and look great all lit up with battery-operated tealights!

I was provided product samples free of charge from Oriental Trading in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was provided for this post.

I’m taking a break from Valentine’s Day projects to jump back into Olympic fever!  We’re only a couple weeks away from the Winter Olympics and the opening ceremonies!  Are you excited??  I’ve already shared my excitement with you through some Olympic-themed snacks.  But today, we’re going to get patriotic with some easy Olympic-themed indoor/outdoor decor.  Besides all of the sports I enjoy watching during the games, I love how the Olympics seem to unite us as a country.  That’s something that we truly need right now!

It’s a shame how divided we are lately.  It’ll be nice to put our differences aside for a couple of weeks and cheer on Team USA together.  At least we can agree on one thing during the games – we all want our athletes to kick butt and bring home the gold!  Even if you’re not a big sports fan, there’s just something about the Olympics that makes you feel a little more patriotic than usual.  My patriotism always gets a boost during the Olympics!

If you want a super simple way to show your support for Team USA, these luminaries are definitely a great way to do it!  They’re made out of red, white, and blue paper gift bags and alphabet stencils that I found on Oriental Trading.  Just cut out the stenciled letters with a craft knife, add a battery-operated tealight, and you’ve got yourself easy Olympic decor!

I’ve given you the option to add rocks to the bottom of the bags.  I would do that anyway just to keep them upright and stable since they’re so light.  Of course, if you want to keep these outdoors you’ll need to watch the weather (it was super windy the day I wanted to take pictures and even with the rocks they kept falling over).  They’ll still look just as cute all lit up in your house while you watch the games!


  • Red Gift Bags
  • Royal Blue Gift Bags
  • White Gift Bags
  • U, S, and A Monogram Stencils
  • Erasable pen or pencil
  • Craft knife
  • Cardboard, cut to fit inside of the bag
  • White Battery-Operated Tealight Candles
  • Optional: small, but heavy rocks


  1. Using the Monogram Stencils, trace a U on a red bag, an S on a white bag, and an A on a blue bag.
  2. Next, begin cutting out each letter.  Slip the cardboard into a bag and use a craft knife to carefully cut out each letter.
  3. Erase any markings left from tracing.  Then, remove the cardboard and open up the bag.
  4. Place a battery-operated tealight candle inside of each bag.
  5. If necessary, add a couple rocks to the bottom of each bag to weigh them down.
  6. Turn on the candles at night to let the light flicker through the bag!

This project only took a few minutes to make!  The luminaries show off your support for Team USA during the day and give off a great glow when they’re all lit up at night!  I love how the battery-operated candles flicker to look like a real flame!

With the gift bags you’ll have left over, pack up some Edible Olympic Gold Medals and Torches for your guests to take home after watching the games with you!  Make sure you order supplies soon so you can make these luminaries in time for the opening ceremonies!


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