DIY Winter Snow Succulent Terrarium

January 21, 2016

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DIY Winter Snow Succulent Terrarium

We got our first snow over the weekend! It was so much fun to take Hunter out to experience it for the first time.  Apparently puppies don’t care that your fingers are nearly frostbitten from making snowballs for them. It was hard to get him inside!  But it was so much fun running around the fresh powder and getting some frame-worthy photos of our pup completely enjoying himself!  So it’s pretty fitting that this week’s Maker’s Mix-Up theme is SNOW.

One thing I really miss during the winter is going outside to work in the garden.  Whether I’m just pulling a weed or two as I pass by or plucking berries from one of our fruit bushes, it’s one of my favorite things about the summertime.  So when the cold weather sets in, I try to find ways to pull some of that lush, green color inside to warm up our home.  

After making a few wood slice projects last year, I was left with one big slice of wood.  I’ve used it for a photo prop a couple times, but it’s mainly been upstairs in storage.  Once the Christmas decorations were put away, I started thinking about winter decorations for the house.  I really wanted to make a winter scene set on top of my wood slice and cover it with a glass cloche bell jar.

DIY Winter Snow Succulent Cloche
DIY Winter Snow Succulent Terrarium

I love terrariums, but unfortunately I’m not the best at keeping our plants alive.  So I decided to buy some moss, fake succulents and air plants, and a can of snow spray (on clearance for 99 cents!) to make a snowy, winter terrarium that’s the true meaning of low maintenance!



  1. On a protected surface, spread out your moss and spray with the snow spray.  Use as much or as little as you want to create your snow-like surface.
  2. Arrange moss on your wood slice.  Make sure your glass cloche will fit over the moss.
  3. Next, arrange your fake succulents and air plants.  If desired, spray them with a little of the snow spray.
  4. Put the glass cloche over the moss and succulents and display!

DIY Winter Snow Succulent Terrarium

Everyone seems to have their own unique style when it comes to decorating their home.  For me, I love French country in the kitchen and a bit of rustic charm throughout the entire house.  Honestly, I wouldn’t mind my home looking like it came out of the pages of a Pottery Barn catalog.  This cloche terrarium makes that seem a little more possible!

The other great thing about cloche terrariums is that they can constantly be changed throughout the seasons!  I can’t wait to hide eggs in the moss for Easter and add some pretty flowers for the spring!  But I’m getting ahead of myself, so for now I’ll just enjoy the new addition of green (and a little dusting of snow) that I’ve added to our dining room.

Do you have a snow inspired DIY project or recipe?  Ashley and I would love it if you linked up your post below!


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