How to Create a Calming Zen Bedroom

January 14, 2021

Create a calming zen bedroom with these 15 simple ideas that will turn your room into a peaceful and relaxing space with minimal effort.

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My post-birthday and holiday purchases the past few years have revolved around our home. I bought new table linens and shelves for our dining room after my birthday.  Last year, I updated our lamps in the living room.  And this year, I wanted to focus on the bedroom.   I wanted to create a space that gave me total calming, zen vibes at night, but also made me happy to walk into during the day.

Over the past several months, we had a bed-in-a-bag set on our bed.  I got it free to review and figured I could work the navy blue plaid print into our bedroom with fall and winter decor.  But it didn’t make the room feel warm and cozy at all.  It just felt “off.”  It wasn’t exactly my style to begin with. And it didn’t match our furniture, wall color, or anything else in our bedroom.  

How to Create a Calming Zen Bedroom

So once the holidays were over, I put some of my Christmas money towards a new comforter set for our bed.  Then, I shopped our attic to pull everything together. I wanted to create a space with boho/zen vibes and I think I did a pretty good job! 

Along with our new comforter set, I added a Buddha head planter with fake succulents, an amethyst stone (promotes calm),  and put together a pretty bouquet of purples flowers, feathers, and eucalyptus sprigs in a frosted pink vase.

There are a couple other things I’d love to eventually add to our bedroom.  But for now, our bedroom makes me happy when I walk into it and I can’t wait to relax in bed at night! 

  1. Gray Boho Comforter Set
  2. Buddha Head Planter
  3. Artificial Succulents
  4. Amethyst Cluster
  5. Body Pillow
  6. Sherpa Body Pillow Cover
  7. Frosted Pink Glass Vase
  8. Preserved Eucalyptus Branches
  9. Pheasant Tail Feathers
  10. Purple and Lavender Peony Flower Bouquet
  11. Geometric Table Lamp
  12. Lavender Pillow & Linen Spray
  13. Feather Trinket Dish
  14. Macrame Wall Hanging
  15. Moon Phase Wall Decor

Everything up to #13 is currently in our bedroom (exact or similar items) and it’s made such a difference in the overall feel of our space.  How do you create a calming environment in your bedroom?


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