15 Unique Products for Book Lovers

August 9, 2022

These 15 Unique Products for Book Lovers are a way for bibliophiles to display their love for reading and also make great gifts for bookworms!

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Today is Book Lover’s Day!  I had close to zero motivation last year when it came to reading.  But my reading goal got a major boost during the spring thanks to discovering a Little Free Library near our house.  Now, it’s basically become part of my weekly routine to walk to the library, drop off a book, maybe some Cricut made bookmarks, and pick up a new read.  I’m reading continuously now and discovering all sorts of new books and authors!

Even my Goodreads account has been resurrected!  Now I spend time updating my book, searching for new books, and seeing what books my friends have been reading.  I have a newfound love for reading and once again find myself tearing through pages of books, seeking new adventures.  My favorite genres?  Cozy murder mysteries and thrillers!

15 Unique Products for Book Lovers

If you’re a proud bibliophile who enjoys the smell of old bookstores and getting lost in pages for hours, check out this list of products.  Show off your love for books with these 15 unique items including everything you need to cozy up to a good book or proudly display your inner bookworm!

  1. Book Lovers Socks
  2. Stack of Classics Kate Spade Tote Bag
  3. Vintage Library Due Date Card Coaster Set
  4. Personal Library Kit
  5. Book Club Scented Candle
  6. Bookshelf Black Infinity Scarf
  7. Bookmarks Are for Quitters Mug
  8. Between The Pages of A Book is A Lovely Place to Be Inspirational Spiral Notebook
  9. No Shelf Control Shirt
  10. Book Stand for Reading in Bed
  11. Novel Teas Tea Bags
  12. The Reading Journal 
  13. Book Lover Charm Bracelet
  14. When I Think About Books I Touch My Shelf Wine Tumbler
  15. Sprout Little Green Bookmarks

What book are you currently reading?


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