DIY Faux Kokedama Moss Ball

November 6, 2015

Kokedama is living Japanese art make out of soil, moss, and small plants. Take the mess out of Kokedama with this Faux Kokedama DIY project!

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DIY Faux Kokedama Moss Ball

Every once in a while I come across reviews of different blogs I frequent and wish the words I spilled into my own blog could be as refreshing and endearing as those mentioned in highly reputable magazines.  But my life is probably boring to some.  To be perfectly honest, I choose it to be that way.  I don’t take lavish travel photos or blog about what I wore to a glamorous rooftop party.  I’m happy spending a Saturday night in with my husband, my dog, and my glue gun.

To be perfectly honest, that’s what I did this past weekend.  While most people found some way to celebrate Halloween, I answered the door to the one sole trick-or-treater we had, dumped half of the candy basket into her pillowcase, then promptly changed into yoga pants and a t-shirt, heated up my glue gun, and poured myself a glass of wine.  We watched animal shows on TV (I’m hooked on exotic vet shows) and I went through my craft box to make new projects to make use of some old supplies.  

I found Styrofoam balls left over from the Halloween Cheesecloth Ghost project I made.  I also found a pretty full bag of green reindeer moss.  So I put the two together and decided to create a faux kokedama moss ball.  I really love the way this project turned out.  It looks great hanging in my dining room!

DIY Faux Kokedama Moss Ball

If you’re not familiar with kokedama, it’s a Japanese moss ball that’s suspended by string, making it a living art form. Kokedama is considered a type of bonsai in Japan and is made with a ball of soil, moss, and a decorative plant. This project takes the mess out of Kokedama and is perfect for those who aren’t exactly green thumbs.



  1. Begin by carefully hot gluing moss over the surface of the styrofoam ball.
  2. Wrap moss ball with twine and make a loop at the top for hanging.
  3. Add artificial leaves to the top of the moss ball. Glue in place and hang.

What will you make this weekend?

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