DIY Summer Hair Don’t Care Hat

June 29, 2022

This DIY Summer Hair Don’t Care Hat will be your new favorite summer accessory made easily with the Cricut Hat Press, iron-on vinyl, and a hat blank!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

Summer’s here and so are my bad hair days.  Sultry summer days in New Jersey don’t do much for my ‘do.  I usually end up with a big, frizzy heap of hair on my head.  If I’m not pulling my hair up into a messy bun or ponytail, I’m hiding it under a hat or cute headband.  Summer hair, don’t care!

We’ve barely even entered this hot and sunny season and I’ve already had enough of my bad hair days.  I recently chopped off a few inches of hair and find myself pulling up what’s left of it, letting it air dry into crazy natural curls, or – again – hiding it underneath a hat.

Since hats are one of my favorite summer accessories, I’ve added a few new ones to my collection this year – some purchased and some customized with my new Cricut Hat Press.

The Cricut Hat Press was released earlier this year and immediately went on my crafting wish list! I finally got one a couple weeks ago – along with some hat blanks – and immediately wanted to make myself a new hat (or two!) for summer!

The Cricut Hat Press

Before the Hat Press, I was using my EasyPress Mini to make personalized hats.  But the Hat Press makes it so much easier!  The Cricut Hat Press has a curved heat plate that fits a variety of hat sizes and styles.  It works with Cricut Iron-On and Infusible Ink sheets and pens.

Because this is a Smart Heat Press, it can be operated through an app.  Download the Cricut Heat app on your phone or device to set up the Hat Press to control the time and temperature settings.

The Hat Press also comes with a hat pressing form that holds the hat in place.  Once you create your hat design in Design Space, weed it and place the hat onto the hat form.  Then, use Strong Heat Resistant Tape to secure the design.  Set the time and temperature on the Cricut Heat app and use Hat Press to transfer your design.

Learn more about the Cricut Hat Press here.

DIY Summer Hair Don’t Care Hat

If you’re looking for a new summer hat or want to make a hat as a gift, the Cricut Hat Press easily allows you to transform blank hats into a customized accessory!  This easy summer hat project is made with Everyday Iron-On, a Cricut hat blank, and the Cricut Hat Press.

I started this project by opening up Design Space and creating a summery mermaid design using the phrase “Summer Hair Don’t Care.”  I sized it to fit the front of the hat.  Then, continued to cut the layers out of Everyday Iron-On with my Cricut Joy.  Make sure that the image is mirrored before cutting!

Once the iron-on was cut, I weeded the design and positioned the hat blank onto the hat form.  Then, I secured the design in place with Strong Heat Resistant Tape.

I used the Cricut Heat app to set the time and temperature for my hat blank and material.  When ready, I moved the Hat Press back and forth, side to side, to iron on my design.

The great thing about the Cricut Heat app is that it actually tells you when the liner will be cool enough to remove.  Once ready, I peeled back the tape and liner to reveal the image on my new summer hat!



  1. Open the design file in Design Space.  Resize, if necessary, to fit the hat blank.
  2. Then, prepare a mat with iron-on vinyl, make sure the image is mirrored, and cut.
  3. Weed the design.  Then, attach to the hat blank using Strong Heat Resistant Tape.
  4. Open the Cricut Heat app and follow the project prompts to heat the Hat Press.
  5. Then, place the Hat Press onto the iron-on surface and move it slowly, side to side, until the Hat Press beeps.
  6. Allow the iron-on to cool completely and then carefully peel back the tape and liner to complete the project.

This hat is officially one of my new favorite summer hats!  Not only does it hide by humidity induced frizz, the cute mermaid design gives it a definite summer vibe!

Did you make this DIY Summer Hair Don’t Care Hat? Share it on social media using the hashtag #livinglavidadiy. Don’t forget to tag me @lavidaholoka!


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