DIY Easter Wine Glass Charms

March 4, 2016

These DIY Easter Wine Glass Charms are an easy way to keep track of your wine glass during your Easter celebration!

I was provided product samples free of charge from Oriental Trading in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was provided for this post.

DIY Easter Wine Glass Charms

With St. Patrick’s Day and Easter being so close to each other this year, I’ve basically skimmed right passed St. Patrick’s Day and started preparing for Easter.  Easter always excites me since it means the return of springtime, warmer days, longer days, brightly colored Easter eggs, and pretty, pastel flowers.  Those elements start to inspire my DIY projects and even my recipes!

Over the weekend, I got a major case of Spring Fever and spent most of the weekend outside with my husband and our dog.  I was sick of how dull and lifeless everything looked so I began to bring some of my spring decor outside.  Little-by-little, the color began returning and I managed to bring a little bit of that springtime cheer back indoors with me (which you’ll see in a lot of my upcoming projects!).

So today I’m sharing a super easy, super colorful, DIY Easter wine glass charm project so wine lovers can keep track of their Pinot or Merlot during their Easter celebration.   I got wine charm rings and Easter beads from Oriental Trading. I found the other colorful beads on clearance at the craft store.  If you don’t have wine charm rings, thin wire would work, as well.  And make sure you have a pair of round nose pliers handy.  You’ll need them!

DIY Easter Wine Glass Charms


  • Wine charm rings, or thin wire
  • Round nose pliers
  • Easter beads, as well as colorful beads


  1. Using your pliers, open a curved end of the wire charm ring.
  2. Begin slipping beads onto the ring in the pattern you choose.  Make sure to alternate colors and shapes so each charm is different.
  3. Close the opened up of the wire charm ring.
  4. Attach wine charms around the base of a stem wine glass.

DIY Easter Wine Glass Charms
DIY Easter Wine Glass Charm

See?  So simple!  Now pour yourself a nice glass of wine and celebrate the fact that spring is almost here and those cold, winter days are almost gone!  Cheers!


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