Funny Outdoor Welcome Mats

May 23, 2023

Want to give guests and delivery drivers something to laugh at when they arrive at your door? Check out these 22 funny outdoor welcome mats that are a mix of sassy and humorous!

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My mom and I have done a lot of outdoor shopping together.  We’re both big fans of this time of year.  During one of our recent shopping trips, I bought a coir outdoor mat.  My mom laughed as I put it in the cart and said, “How many of those mats do you have?”  A lot.  I have a lot of welcome mats.

I basically have welcome mats for all seasons and just about every holiday.  What can I say?  I like switching them out!  Especially when I see a witty or sassy one.  We may not be big on the welcoming part, but we’ll definitely make you laugh when you come and knock on our door!

Funny Outdoor Welcome Mats

If you’re looking to add a bit of wit and humor to your front door, check out these funny outdoor welcome mats.  There’s 22 of my favorite doormat picks that are sure to make you laugh!

  1. We Are Not Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice We Are Sage And Hood
  2. Bless this Hizzle Fo’Shizzle
  3. Like A Good Neighbor Stay Over There
  4. Don’t Knock Unless You Have Tacos, Tequila, or My Amazon Package
  5. Deliveries Does Pineapple Belong On Pizza
  6. No Pricks Allowed
  7. Welcome-ish (Depends on Who You Are)
  8. Hello Is It Me You’re Looking For?
  9. Not Swingers We Just Like Pineapples
  10. Welcome Just Kidding Please Go Home
  11. Ask Not for Whom The Dog Barks, It Barks for Thee
  12. Beet It
  13. No Soliciting Please Go Away
  14. Gather Somewhere Else
  15. Nope.
  16. Don’t Stop Be Leaving
  17. Do You Live Here?
  18. You Better Have Tacos
  19. One, Two, Three & to the Four Snoop Doggy Dogg & Dr. Dre is at the Door
  20. Check Your Energy
  21. Welcome to the Shitshow
  22. If You’re Amazon, Pizza, or Dave Grohl We’re Home

What’s the funniest welcome mat you’ve placed at your front door?


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