How to Keep Your Cool During the Holidays

December 17, 2014


As my husband snuck a peek at the notebook page where this post was drafted, I could only imagine him thinking “You’re the last person on Earth who should be giving advice on how to stay calm.”  I am irrational.  I have zero patience.  I am hot-tempered and don’t work well under pressure.  But this Christmas, I’m trying not to let holiday stress get the best of me.  Even though I am checking off my to-do list, I’m not worried about those things that get left behind.


  1. Remember to breathe.  It’s a time for calm and joy.  Calmmmm yourself!
  2. Make a list of your holiday to-do’s.
  3. Now edit that list and cross off anything that doesn’t seem crucial.
  4. Wrap presents as you buy them.  Keep them in a designated area or nestle them underneath the tree if you don’t have little Santa believers around.  Nothing makes a Christmas tree seem more complete than pretty, wrapped presents underneath it!
  5. Clean/declutter.  Trust me.  It helps!  You’ll feel relieved and focused when things are nice and tidy.
  6. Turn up the ♪ Christmas tunes ♫ or watch a holiday movie!  Instant cheer!
  7. Take a walk.  Get some fresh air in the evening with someone you love and enjoy the houses all lit up!
  8. Pour yourself a drink.  Hot cocoa, tea, eggnog, a glass of wine – whatever’s your poison!
  9. Cuddle.  Nothing makes me feel better than a good snuggle fest!
  10. If you don’t get to everything on your list, don’t sweat it.  There’s always next year!

Christmas is just about a week away.  So most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the holiday season.  As quickly as it comes around each year, it goes away just as fast!  Cuddle up with a Christmas cookie, a good movie or book and enjoy the rest of this wonderful time of year!


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