Nautical Rope Wrapped Citronella Candle

May 18, 2015

Make a Nautical Rope Wrapped Citronella Candle and naturally keep pests away this Summer!

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Nautical Rope Wrapped Citronella Candle

Summertime is right around the corner and so are the mosquitoes! Summer nights are beautiful and meant to be spent outside. They’re also often ruined by mosquitoes “bugging” you while you try and enjoy yourself.  You’re left to abandon the beautiful outdoors and run back inside to turn yourself into a Pepto Bismol-colored Dalmatian.  Instead of purchasing store bought bug repellent and candles, often containing chemicals that you probably shouldn’t expose to your skin, consider making your own bug repelling candles with natural citronella essential oil.
Okay, so I didn’t really wrap my candle in rope.  Can you guess what it is?  It’s actually handles from a shopping bag!  I loved the color and thickness so I tore the handles off the bag and stored them in my craft box.  It wasn’t long after saving them that I decided we needed a citronella candle for our deck.  So I searched Amazon for Citronella essential oil and purchased a one-ounce bottle from Plant Therapy.  I already had soy wax, wicks, and a votive holder on hand.


– Handles from a recycled bag or thin rope
– Hot glue gun
– Glass votive holder


– Soy wax chips
Citronella essential oil
– Candle wick
– Glue dots
– Bamboo skewers
– Microwave-safe measuring cup


1. TO MAKE YOUR CANDLE HOLDER: Heat your glue gun, then apply a small line of glue to the bottom of your votive holder. Add one end of your rope.
2. Continue to apply glue to your votive holder and wrap your rope around the votive holder. 
3. Allow rope to dry completely before making your candle.

1. TO MAKE YOUR CITRONELLA CANDLE: Apply a glue dot to the bottom of your candle wick. Affix wick to the bottom of your glass votive holder.
2. Measure soy wax chips into your measuring cup. Depending on the size of your votive holder, this may vary so melt your wax a little at a time. I use 60 second intervals.
3. Add approximately 30 drops of Citronella oil to your melted wax and use a bamboo skewer to stir.
4. Carefully pour your melted wax into your votive holder.
5. Use another bamboo skewer to hold and center your candle wick in place by laying it across the top of your votive holder and propping the wick into place.
6. Set your candle in a cool place to harden. Once candle is solidified, it’s ready for use! Remove the bamboo skewer and get rid of those pesky mosquitoes!

DIY Citronella Candle

This DIY has a simple, nautical feel to it that’s perfect for Summer.  Most of all, it’s perfect to naturally repel those pests that keep you from enjoying gorgeous Summer nights outside!

How do you naturally repel pests during the Summer?


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