Shark Pizza Pan Welcome Wreath

July 27, 2022

Give your guests a fin-tastic welcome with this easy Shark Pizza Pan Welcome Wreath made with dollar store supplies and the Cricut Joy!

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With Shark Fest and Shark Week happening this month, I decided to put my DIY Shark Welcome Mat back out front.  But this year, I wanted to add an entire shark theme to our front door.   So to go along with our shark welcome mat, I started thinking up ideas for wreaths.

I remembered the Nautical Pizza Pan Wreath that I made for my sister.  It seemed easy enough to use that same nautical vibe on a shark themed pizza pan wreath.  So I headed to the dollar store for supplies and started to create a shark design using my Cricut Joy and Smart Vinyl™.

Pizza pan wreaths are a budget-friendly way to create a totally customizable door hanger for your front door.  All you need is a pizza pan, some spray paint, nautical rope, and vinyl.  If you’re a Cricut crafter, you probably have most of the vinyl you’ll need in your craft room already!  And the majority of what’s left on the list can be grabbed at the dollar store!

Shark Pizza Pan Welcome Wreath

This Shark Pizza Pan Welcome Wreath is an easy and affordable way to dress up your door for all of those summer shark celebrations! This wreath would also be a cute way to welcome guests to a shark themed party.

The first thing I did was make my design in Design Space.  Then, using silver shimmer vinyl and white vinyl, I cut out the shark design for my wreath.

Then, I spray painted the pizza pan in navy blue spray paint and let the paint dry overnight.  It’s very important that you let it dry completely before adding the vinyl or the paint can peel right off if you need to readjust the vinyl.

The next day, I added the vinyl shark design to the pan.  I used Transfer Tape to add the design and used my hand to press the vinyl onto the pan.

If desired, you can spray a light coat of clear spray paint over the design to protect it.  Then, I measured nautical rope around the edge of the pan and glued it into place.  Leave a loop at the top for hanging.

The last thing I did was make a quick bow out of burlap ribbon.  Then, I glued it to the bottom of the pan.

All that was left to do once the glue dried was hang our new pizza pan wreath to go with our shark doormat!



  1. Spray paint the front of the pizza pan navy blue.  Allow it to dry overnight.
  2. Open the Shark Pizza Pan Wreath Project in Design Space.  Resize, if necessary.  Then, click “make it.”
  3. Follow the directions to make each color vinyl without a mat (only if using Smart Vinyl™).
  4. Starting with the shark, weed the design and place it in the center of the pizza pan using Transfer Tape.
  5. Follow by adding the text to the top and bottom of the pizza pan.
  6. If you’d like to seal the design, add a light coat of clear spray paint.  Let it dry completely.
  7. Measure nautical rope around the edge of the pan.  Then, glue it in place using E6000.  Make sure to leave a loop unglued at the top for hanging.
  8. Add a burlap bow to the pizza pan wreath, if desired.  Then, hang your new wreath once the glue has dried!

This shark wreath project is really easy to put together!  As long as you wait for the paint to completely dry and have patience when sticking the vinyl onto the pan, you should have no problem creating this fin-tastic wreath for your door!

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