20 Spring Cleaning Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

March 17, 2022

Get your home in top shape with these 20 spring cleaning essentials including trendy and practical cleaning supplies that you’ll want to use all year long!

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It’s almost time to open the windows, let in the fresh air, and start those spring cleaning rituals!  I did a decent cleanup of the house right before the holiday season, including cleaning every single window blind in the house and shampooing the rugs.  But I always look forward to a big spring cleanup!

It’s always nice to start the spring season with a refreshed home.  Especially after being all cooped up in the house throughout the cold weather months!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve added some new cleaning essentials to our home.  Some of them even include unexpected items that you probably wouldn’t think of using at first, but are actually great essentials for your spring cleaning – and everyday cleaning – routine!

20 Spring Cleaning Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

You might think it’s weird that I have two different vacuums, a rug shampooer, and even an air purifier.  But trust me when I say that these have become such a big part of my cleaning routine!

Here are some of the spring cleaning essentials that I recommend adding to your seasonal and everyday cleaning routine.  You might even notice a few trending products from TikTok!

  1. The Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste
  2. Scrub Daddy Sponge Set
  3. Bar Keeper’s Friend Toilet Bowl Cleaner & Powdered Cleanser
  4. Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Bowl Cleaning Gel
  5. Hoover PowerDash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner
  6. Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo
  7. Car Cleaning Gel
  8. Household Deep Cleaning Brush Set
  9. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket Floor Cleaning System
  10. Extra Thick Magic Sponges
  11. Drill Brush Cleaning Attachment Set
  12. Magic Window Cleaning Brush
  13. Mini-Blind Duster
  14. Microfiber Duster with Extension Pole
  15. Portable Lint Remover
  16. Mop Slippers for Floor Cleaning
  17. Stainless Steel Wipes
  18. PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner
  19. BISSELL ICONpet Cordless Vacuum
  20. Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover

I don’t know about you, but new cleaning supplies totally get me in the mood to scrub down the house!  Which of these spring cleaning essentials will you be adding to your cleaning routine?


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