How to Make an Anniversary Box for Him

July 27, 2021

If you’re looking for a creative anniversary gift for your guy, put together an anniversary box for him made with Cricut materials and filled with some of his favorite snacks! 

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been nine years since my husband and I said “I do.”  We hit that nine year mark last week and I decided to make an anniversary box for my husband.  I’ve been very DIY with celebrations this summer!  But it’s been so easy to do with my Cricut machines and various Cricut materials.

My husband and I usually don’t exchange gifts, but I always get him a little something anyway. I wanted to be pretty symbolic with my anniversary box for him.  Since the way to a man’s heart is definitely food, I wanted to give my husband a gift box filled with snacks.  But not just any snacks!  Snacks with an anniversary theme!

My idea was to decorate the outside of the box with a vinyl design and make 9 small gift boxes to fill with candies.  Then, I would add other snacks and goodies to the box that symbolize how I feel about my husband.

  • Riesen chocolates: Because you’re my “Riesen”
  • Hershey Kisses: Because your kisses are so sweet
  • Honey Buns: Because you’re my honey bun
  • Spicy Chips: Because you’re hot and spicy
  • Peanuts: Because I’m “nuts” about you
  • Popcorn: Because you make my heart “pop”
  • Lucky Charms Treats: Because I feel so lucky to be with you
  • S’mores Treats: Because I want “s’more” of your love

I also printed this list of snacks and added it to the box so my husband knew it was just any random collection of snacks!

How to Make an Anniversary Box for Him

While I was looking up traditional 9th anniversary gifts, one of the gifts I found was copper.  It symbolizes warmth and passion between a couple. So I got a gorgeous textured copper permanent glossy vinyl and a matte bronze adhesive foil (close to the color of the textured vinyl) to use on the box. Then, I made the smaller gift boxes with different kinds of paper, poster board, and acetate.

The first thing I did was create my design for the outside of the gift box.  I wanted a design that was simple and not over-the-top romantic so the gift box could be reused.  So I created an “and a lifetime to go” text image.

I cut the design using both the textured copper and matte bronze foil vinyl.  I used the textured vinyl for “lifetime” and the matte foil for the rest of the design. Once the vinyl was cut, I applied it to the gift box.

Since the gift box is made out of cardboard material, I wanted to make sure I could apply my design without damaging the gift box. I had some transfer tape with a little less “stick” to it, so I used that to carefully apply my image to the box.  You could always try to peel and stick your image as well depending on how complicated it is.

Once my gift box was decorated, I moved onto making the smaller boxes.  I cut 9 boxes out of a variety of paper, poster board, and acetate.  When all of the boxes were cut, I worked on putting them together. Then, I filled the boxes with some of the smaller candies like the Riesen chocolates and chocolate kisses.

Now, it was time to put the entire gift box together.  So I added decorative filler inside of the gift box and placed the smaller gift boxes inside and added the other snacks and a card as well.  All that was left to do was wait for my husband to get home from work so I could give him his gift!


For the large gift box:

For the small gift boxes:


For the large gift box:

  1. Open the design file in Design Space.  Resize, if necessary.  Then, click Make It.
  2. Prepare two StandardGrip mats with the textured vinyl and the matte foil vinyl.  Then, follow the prompts on screen to cut the images.
  3. When the images are cut, use Transfer Tape or peel and stick the image to carefully apply the design to the gift box.
  4. Set the gift box aside while you work on the small gift boxes.

For the small gift boxes:

  1. Open the design file in Design Space.  Resize the box, if necessary.  Then, click Make It.
  2. Prepare LightGrip mats with a sheet of foil acetate, foil embossed paper, and foil poster board.  Then, follow the screen prompts to score and cut the boxes.  Continue cutting until you make your desired number of boxes.
  3. Then, fold the boxes where they were scored and put them together using tape, staples, or glue.
  4. Fill the boxes with small candies and chocolates and set aside.

To put the gift box together:

  1. Add decorative filler to the larger gift box, if desired.
  2. Then, place the small boxes inside the gift box.
  3. If your gifts are too big to fit inside the small boxes, place them around the small boxes.
  4. Add a heartfelt greeting card (you could even make one with the Cricut Joy and card inserts) and gift!

My husband loves having snacks on hand so I knew that this anniversary box for him would be a hit! If your guy isn’t a big snacker, you could always fill your gift box with gift cards, his favorite booze, a bottle of cologne, or other small tokens of your love!

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