Everything You Need to Know About the Cricut Maker

June 8, 2020

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you’re interested in getting a Cricut Maker, learn all about this amazing machine, the tools it uses, materials it can cut, projects you can make, and so much more!

Spending more time at home has meant spending more time working on projects and investing in new tools and craft supplies. I have been getting a lot of questions lately about my Cricut machines and the Cricut Maker, in particular. So today, I wanted to answer some of these questions for you!

Let me just say that I would recommend this machine to anyone! I started my Cricut journey with the Explore Air 2, but the Maker can do so much more! Just like Cricut’s other machines, the Maker is used alongside Design Space to create beautiful crafts with different materials and cutting tools.

Is a Cricut Maker worth the price?

The Cricut Maker is currently $369.99 and, in my opinion, worth every penny! I have done so much with this machine from making home decor, holiday decorations, and even making gifts for family and friends! It’s an investment, but once you start to create with it, you’ll find it’s worth the cost. I use my Maker all the time!

Besides the purchase of this amazing machine, you’ll also get access to Design Space – Cricut’s program that allows you to create and customize thousands of projects through their collection of images, shapes, text, and more (you can even upload your own designs and fonts).

If you’re just getting started on your Cricut journey, you might want to consider purchasing a bundle. You’ll not only get the Maker machine, but a variety of blades, mats, tools you’ll need to get crafting!

What makes the Maker different from other Cricut machines?

The Cricut Maker is different than other Cricut machines because of its cutting capabilities. The Maker can cut over 300 different materials with 10x the strength of Cricut’s other machines.

It also has an adaptive tool system that allows you to easily switch between pens and different tools. The gears that you see on top of the cutting tools allow them to move in every direction possible for precise, clean cuts! You can even buy tools to engrave, deboss, score, and more! Seriously – once you buy one tool, you’ll want to keep adding to your collection!

And just like Cricut’s other machines, the Maker is easy to use, taking you step-by-step through every project you make!

What materials can I cut?

What I really love about my Cricut Maker is the ability to cut so many different materials! I’ve cut everything from vinyl, paper, leather, and even wood! This is just a small sampling of the materials you can cut with the Maker!

The list goes on! I’m always amazed at how effortlessly my Maker can cut through different materials! If you love sewing, this machine can cut plenty of patterns and fabric for sewing projects. Paper crafts are made with ease (I love making homemade cards and gift tags!). And if you love wood crafts, like I do, there are different types of wood you can cut with this machine!

What I wish I knew when I got my Cricut Maker

Knowing how much the Cricut Maker could do, I was honestly a little intimidated by it at first. Don’t be! Just like Cricut’s other machines, it’s so easy to set up. I was nervous to jump into my first project – that wasn’t a simple vinyl or paper craft – but there are plenty of tutorials online to help you get started. Just wait until you go down that rabbit hole of fun projects!

I honestly wish I knew how much I’d be using different tools because I probably would have invested in different tips to begin with. Once you have the QuickSwap™ Drive Housing, you can easily swap out tips to make working on projects even easier! I also wish I had invested in different mat types and sizes. The StandardGrip mat is great for most projects, but the StrongGrip mat is great for projects made with heavier materials.

Like these garden stakes I recently made! You’ll need a knife blade, basswood, black fine point pen, and a StrongGrip mat. I usually tape down the sides of my wood to secure it a little better even though the mat has a good grip on it.

These stakes took no time to make! First, the quotes were drawn onto them with the pen and then cut with the knife blade. If you want to easily make your own, just open the garden stake project I created in Design Space and follow the steps to make this simple Cricut craft!

Want to see what else you can make with the Cricut Maker? Check out these other projects I’ve made!


Do you have a Cricut Maker? If not, is there anything else that you’d like to know about this machine?

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