Minimal St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Candy Jar

March 10, 2020

Create this St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Candy Jar with Cricut vinyl as an adorable, candy filled gift or minimal St. Patrick’s Day decoration.

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Everyone celebrates St. Patrick’s Day differently.  Some make corned beef and cabbage.  Some drink Shamrock Shakes while others drink Guiness or whiskey.  And some might not celebrate at all. Me? I think it’s another great excuse to decorate the house! I may not go all out for St. Patrick’s Day, but I do like to add hints of green and gold where I can and keep it kind of minimal.

I don’t have a lot of St. Patrick’s Day decorations.  I have a green glitter shamrock for the front door and a green shamrock made out of horseshoes that I bought at an Amish farm stand in Lancaster, PA.  But that’s about it!  I have more spring decor than shamrocks, rainbows, and pots of gold.  So I decided to make a candy jar that would be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, but could also work its way into everyday decor.

The inspiration for the rainbow design on this DIY was an iridescent jar I picked up at Dollar Tree.  The color shifts and it’s just so pretty!  I loved the rose gold top on it, too.  I thought it was perfect for a modern, minimal St. Patrick’s Day decoration (and it also has some major springtime vibes as well)!

I found a simple rainbow image on Design Space and used my Cricut Maker to cut each individual rainbow arch.  In what seemed like no time at all, the design was cut and transferred onto the jar, and I had a cute St. Patrick’s Day decoration!

Minimal St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Candy Jar


There are a ton of St. Patrick’s Day images in Design Space, but I searched for a rainbow.  I found this Rainbow in Circle image and toyed around with it a little bit.  I deleted the circle and changed the rainbow colors around.

Once I finished editing the image, I resized it to fit the jar, set my mats with vinyl, and continued to cut my rainbow.  When each layer of the rainbow was cut, I layered each arch on transfer tape and applied it to the jar.



  1. Open the Minimal St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Candy Jar design in Design Space.  Resize, if necessary.
  2. Prepare Standard Grip mats with vinyl and continue to cut.
  3. Once each color of the rainbow is cut, weed the excess vinyl.
  4. Cut a piece of transfer tape to fit the largest rainbow arch.  Lift the vinyl onto the transfer tape.
  5. Continue lifting each rainbow arch onto the transfer tape.
  6. Once the full rainbow image is on the transfer tape, place the tape onto the jar.
  7. Rub the image into place.  Then, slowly and carefully remove the transfer tape.
  8. Fill the jar with gold wrapped candies and replace the lid.

Fill the jar with colorful candies like Skittles or go for a more “pot of gold” vibe with gold wrapped candies like Rolos and Milk Duds. Just make sure you watch out for greedy, candy snatching leprechauns!

Did you make this St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Candy Jar? Share it on social media using the hashtag #livinglavidadiy. Don’t forget to tag me @lavidaholoka!


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