Disco Ball Plant Stake

May 30, 2023

Add a bit of sparkle to your home and your plant babies with this DIY Disco Ball Plant Stake project. All you need is a mini disco ball, glue, and a metal rod to create this fun plant stake!

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I love scrolling through plantsagram and looking at dreamy living spaces full of greenery, potted plants I’d love to add to my collection, and so many cute plant accessories!  Like disco balls.  I never knew how much I needed a disco ball for my plants until plantstagram!  Cause when the sun hits the disco ball just right, the house is filled with sparkles!

Unfortunately, we don’t really have a place to hang a disco ball plant hanger.  But I still wanted to hop on the trend and have a house full of sparkles!  So I decided to make a disco ball plant stake.  Something really simple that I could add to a potted plant that would catch the light.

All you need to make a disco ball plant stake is three things – a metal rod, some glue, and of course a disco ball.  Since I planned to use this plant stake in a smaller pot, I made the stake with a smaller disco ball, about 3-4 inches.

The disco ball I purchased came with a metal loop for hanging.  I was able to remove that top bit.  Then, I used a couple dots of glue on the bottom of the metal rod and pushed the rod into the ball.  Once dry, I was able to give one of my plants a groovy, new decoration!

Disco Ball Plant Stake

Not only does this plant stake look cute in a potted plant, it would make a great gift for plant lovers!  Just make sure to get a disco ball with a Styrofoam base.  Then, once assembled, let the glue dry, and give your plants a major glow up!

The first thing you need to do is figure out how tall you want your plant stake to be.  It all kind of depends on the planter you want to place it in.  I was able to cut a metal rod in half using wire cutters.

Disco Ball Plant Stake with original metal hanger removed.

Next, I had to prep the disco ball.  If you purchase disco balls with hangers, carefully, carefully, carefully take the hanger part off of the disco ball.  With the underside exposed, you’ll be able to stick the rod straight into the ball.

So now we’re going to add glue to the bottom portion of the metal rod (I like E6000 when I need something stronger than hot glue).  Insert the rod back into the ball and allow the glue to dry.

BE CAREFUL!  Both E6000 and hot glue will melt the foam.  So only use a little bit before inserting the metal rod into the foam portion of the disco ball.

Once the glue is dry, add the disco ball plant stake to a planter and watch how it catches the sunlight and disperses sparkles around the house!



  1. Prep the disco ball.  Carefully remove the hanger from the ball.
  2. Next, add a few drops of E6000 glue (hot glue would work, as well) to the bottom of the metal rod.
  3. Insert the rod into the foam portion of the disco ball and allow the glue to dry.
  4. Once dry, place the disco ball plant stake into a pot and watch your house sparkle!

This might be the cutest plant stake I’ve ever made and it’s so easy to put together!  So if you want to add a little more sparkle to your home, dress up those plant babies with a disco ball plant stake!

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