DIY Candy Heart Soap

January 19, 2015

This easy-to-make DIY Valentine’s Day candy heart inspired soap would make a great homemade gift to give for Galentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day!


I feel like I just packed away the Christmas decorations and here I am planning projects for Valentine’s Day!  This Valentine’s Day DIY project is inspired by Martha Stewart and also everyone’s favorite Valentine’s Day candies – conversation hearts!
Coming in second to chocolate-dipped strawberries, candy hearts are one of my favorite Valentine’s Day sweets.  As the years go by, it’s funny to see how the phrases on these candies have changed to techier sentiments.  “Call me” has turned into “text me” and I’m pretty sure I’ve even seen “Tweet me” in the mix!
Melt and pour soap is so easy to work with.  Just zap it in the microwave, mix in color and scent, pour it in a mold and allow to harden.  Turn these soaps into conversation hearts by using metal stamps to stamp in personalized phrases.


– 1 lb. clear soap base
– Soap scent
– Soap colorant or food coloring
– Silicone heart mold (mine has 6 hearts in it)
– Metal stamping set


1. Cut soap into one inch chunks and place in a measuring cup.
2. Melt soap in 1 minute intervals until completely melted.
3. Once soap is melted, add colorant and mix well.
4. Then add your scent of choice, adding as much or little as desired.
5. Pour soap into silicone mold and allow to cool in the refrigerator.
6. Once soap is completely hardened (give it an hour or two), carefully pop out of mold.
7. To add candy heart phrases, apply light pressure into the soap using metal alphabet stamps.
These adorable and easy-to-make Valentine’s Day soaps can be wrapped up in cellophane and gifted to family and friends.  Soap sets are great for bath and beauty lovers and everyone loves a handmade gift!

What is your favorite candy heart phrase?


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