DIY Concert Ticket Magnets

August 31, 2015

Turn your concert memories into magnets with my easy Concert Ticket Magnet DIY project using magnetic sheets and Mod Podge!

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DIY Concert Ticket Magnets

It’s crazy to think how fast Summer is coming to a close.  One of my favorite things that I’ve done this Summer is go see Kelly Clarkson with my sisters and their friend.  The concert was more amazing than I imagined. Pentatonix opened for Kelly Clarkson and although I wasn’t familiar with their music, I’m such a fan now. Kelly Clarkson’s voice is just as awesome as what you hear in her songs on the radio.  The girl can sing!
Instead of stuffing the concert ticket in a drawer somewhere, I decided to hold onto some of the magic from that fun night out with my sisters and turn the ticket into a magnet.  It got me thinking about all of the other events I’ve attended.  Movies, sports events, and concerts – all holding special memories.  So I bought magnetic sheets and sealed those memories in Mod Podge.
DIY Concert Ticket Magnets



  1. Measure your ticket stub against the magnetic sheet.  Trace and cut magnet.
  2. Use a thin layer of Mod Podge and apply to the magnet.
  3. Carefully place the ticket stub onto the magnet and allow to dry.
  4. Once dry, apply another thin coat of Mod Podge to seal ticket stub completely.
  5. Display on any magnetic surface and continue to relive the memories of the event!

DIY Concert Ticket Magnets

I didn’t just turn my Kelly Clarkson ticket into a magnet.  I found a ticket from one of the first hockey games my husband and I attended.  Even more special than that – I found the movie ticket from our first date.  I like displaying memories like this because even on my crappiest days, it gives me something to smile about.

What’s the best event you’ve attended this Summer?

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