Dog Themed Pizza Pan Wreath

August 25, 2022

Make a farmhouse style Dog Themed Pizza Pan Wreath that’s paw-sitively adorable with dollar store craft supplies, spray paint, and the Cricut Joy!

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While I was at the dollar store shopping for supplies to make my Shark Pizza Pan Welcome Wreath, I ended up grabbing supplies to make another pizza pan wreath, too.  I found some new-to-me items in the craft aisle, like wooden animal shapes.  They had one that looked like a terrier dog (perfect for us!), so I grabbed one to make a dog themed pizza pan wreath.

I put the wreath together using craft supplies from the dollar store, some spray paint I had on hand, and my Cricut Joy.  The wreath is farmhouse style, but is simple enough to fit in with any decor.  It turned out cute enough to hang on the front door or even on a wall in the house!

Once the pizza pan and wooden dog were painted and dried, this project easily came together with a quote I found in the Design Space library and some added embellishments like rope, some greenery, and a burlap bow with an iron-on dog bone added to it.

Dog Themed Pizza Pan Wreath

This dog themed pizza pan wreath would look adorable on the door of any dog-friendly household.  It would also make a nice, handmade gift for new dog parents or any dog lover!  It’s budget-friendly decor that’s so easy to make!

The first step in making this pizza pan wreath is painting the pizza pan.  I used black chalkboard spray paint.  I only needed one coat and it dried pretty fast.  While the pan was drying, I painted the wooden dog with white chalkboard paint.

To add to the wreath’s rustic look, I wanted to rough up the paint on the wooden dog.  So I used medium grit sandpaper just to scratch up the paint on the front of the dog and especially around the edges.

Before adding my vinyl quote to the pan, I wanted to glue everything down so I knew exactly how much room I had to place any vinyl down.  Using my hot glue gun, I glued the wooden dog into place.  Then, I added nautical rope around the inside edge of the pan.  Finally, I added my burlap bow and some greenery.

Now that everything was in place, I opened up Design Space and searched the image library for a dog quote.  Once I found one I liked, I cut it out using white vinyl.  Then, I positioned it onto the pan and gently pressed it into place.

Before finishing up the wreath, I decided to add a dog bone iron-on to the burlap bow.  So I cut out a shape using black iron-on and pressed it into place using my EasyPress Mini.

To prevent any chipping or peeling, I sprayed the pan with a coat of clear spray paint just to seal everything.

Once the clear coat was dry, I added rope to the back of the pan for hanging.  I cut a small loop of nautical rope and glued it into place using E6000 glue.  I let the glue dry overnight.  Then, I was able to hang the wreath the next day.



  1. Spray paint the front of the pizza pan with the black chalkboard spray paint.  Allow it to dry.
  2. While the pizza pan is drying, paint the wooden dog shape using white chalkboard paint.  Once dry, use medium grit sandpaper to rough up the paint and edges, if desired.
  3. Using a hot glue gun or E6000, glue nautical rope around the inner edge of the pizza pan.  Then, glue the wooden dog into place as well as the burlap bow and greenery.
  4. Open the Dog Themed Pizza Pan Wreath Project in Design Space.  Resize, if necessary.  Then, click “make it.”
  5. Follow the directions to cut the white vinyl without a mat (only if using Smart Vinyl™).
  6. Weed the design and use Transfer Tape to carefully place it onto the pizza pan.
  7. If you’d like to seal the design, add a light coat of clear spray paint.  Let it dry completely.
  8. If adding a dog bone to the bow, cut the bone shape out of black iron-on.  Then, heat the EasyPress Mini, position the iron-on onto the bow, and press it into place.
  9. Last, glue a loop of nautical rope to the back of the pizza pan using E6000 or other heavy duty glue.
  10. Allow the glue to dry completely.  Then, hang the wreath!

This might be my favorite pizza pan wreath that I’ve made so far!  It’s paw-sitively adorable and was under $10 to make!

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