My Dog Walking Essentials

February 16, 2016

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Take everything you need with you to walk your dog with my dog walking essentials!  Save 10% during February on New Extra® 35-stick pack at Target with the Cartwheel app, one of my essentials while I’m out walking!

My Dog Walking Essentials

One of the reasons I couldn’t wait to get a dog was to have a little walking buddy.  Sure, my husband has been a great walking partner, but he’s not home during the day when I’m most active.  So every morning, I bundle up, harness my dog, and pack up a few essentials for our walk. Now, Hunter pretty much knows my morning schedule and will wait by the door until I’m ready to go out walking. 

Our walks have been super beneficial to both of us.  It’s nice to have a morning routine that allows us to get out into the fresh air (no matter how cold it is outside!).  It allows Hunter to burn off some of his rambunctious puppy energy and it allows me to get in some exercise.  Our walks strengthen our bond and I love taking Hunter for walks outside of the neighborhood to explore new places.  The way his tail wags, I know he’s happy, too!

Yesterday I shared a DIY Pet Storage Station to keep some of your pet essentials organized.  Today I wanted to share some of my favorite dog walking essentials.  I recently made the transition from filling my coat pockets with a bunch of things to a sleek sling bag to make carrying our walking essentials easier.  Especially when our walks turn into runs!  Believe me, there’s nothing fun about running through the park when your coat pockets are heavy!

My Dog Walking Essentials A GOOD BAG

First thing’s first – you’re going to need something to carry everything in.  If you like to walk long distances like we do, get yourself a sturdy backpack or sling bag.  It’ll make holding your dog walking essentials that much easier to carry with you while you’re walking or running (no more jangling pockets!).

My bag is also great for visits to my parents’ house where Hunter gets to play with other family dogs.  Instead of just throwing everything in a plastic bag and heading out, my bag is designated for those things I need to bring with me for Hunter.  It’s like my doggy diaper bag!


You might not think you need much when you’re walking your dog, but our travels have proved otherwise.  Especially since I like to carry my own essentials with me, as well.  But my first priority is my puppy.  So I like to bring waste bags to clean up whatever mess he might make while we’re out and a container of small travel treats for rewarding him.  Depending on where we’re going and how long we’ll be there, I also like to pack a collapsible travel bowl for water and food.

My Dog Walking Essentials


I’m not a girl who likes to walk without a few of her own essentials.  Obviously I need to carry my keys.  I also carry my phone since I like to snap photos of the places we go.  It also serves as my “in case of emergency” if we have to contact someone while we’re on the go.  On sunny days, it’s important to have sunglasses on me to protect my eyes.  But one of the other things I also carry with me is gum

Wrigley now has a new Extra® 35-stick pack available in Spearmint and Polar Ice®.  It comes in a great durable, recycled plastic case filled with more gum than the average pack.  That makes it perfect for enjoying and sharing on-the-go!  You can find these larger packs of gum available at the checkout line in Target stores.


This pack is so appealing that my husband has tried to sneak it from me to keep in his bowling bag for his Friday night league.  Of course, there’s more than enough gum to go around so I don’t mind sharing with him!  Just as long as he doesn’t try to keep it in his bag! 

I love my daily walks with Hunter and chewing Wrigley’s Extra® 35-stick pack makes those walks that much sweeter!  After all, I carry treats for him in my bag.  I might as well keep something in there for myself!  Especially during those walks that take us away from our normal spots of exploration!

My Dog Walking Essentials

Our daily walks have definitely made my bond with Hunter stronger.  On days when the weather is too bad to go out, I think I may get more upset than he does that our walks get canceled.  Now that I’ve shared my walking essential with you, I’d love to know: what essentials do you carry with you on walks?

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