Drunk on You

February 27, 2014

It’s amazing how a three minute song, a set of lyrics and a fine-tuned melody, can bring back so many memories.  I may have forgotten the vows my husband and I exchanged at 10:30, the morning of July 20th, at City Hall, but I will forever remember the song playing throughout our house as I put the finishing touches on my wedding day look.
As my husband got dressed in the other room, I zipped up the back of my simple white dress–a dress found in Macy’s for $100–adjusted the strap on the neckline and smoothed down the pleated skirt.  I checked myself out in the mirror, hair all in curls, make up done just right, the heart-shaped necklace he had given me for Christmas one year and the “something new” rhinestone earrings I had bought myself. I let my hair down, fixed my curls once more and pinned in my hair clip with flowers, feathers and pearls.  I slipped on silver strappy kitten heels, did a twirl in the mirror, took a deep breath and opened the door to make my grand entrance into the living room where my soon-to-be in-laws and husband were waiting.
As I opened the door, I heard Luke Bryan’s “Drunk on You” escape through the speakers.  It was the country summertime anthem and it set the tone for that morning.  I was so nervous, but excited to become a Mrs. My husband beamed with pride and happiness for this moment in our lives when we would make this life long commitment to each other.  That July morning was damp and rainy, but a symbol of good luck for a our summer wedding day.  Down at City Hall, our official documents were signed and our marriage was sealed with a kiss.
Our backyard reception took place the next day and although we never had a first dance as husband and wife, I would like to think that Luke Bryan’s morning serenade made “Drunk on You” our unofficial wedding song.

Hey, I’m a little drunk on you
And high on summertime
“Drunk on You,” Luke Bryan


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