21 Magical Harry Potter Halloween Decorations

September 22, 2020

Make your home feel like Hogwarts this Halloween with these 21 Magical Harry Potter Halloween Decorations!

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If you’ve ever imagined what holidays are like at Hogwarts (because I totally have), now you can have a Harry Potter Halloween at home with these Hogwarts inspired decorations!  I love how the Harry Potter movies brought the Great Hall feasts to life.  As a Halloween lover, the Hallowe’en Feast looks like an incredible time!  I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend Halloween with friends, eating all kinds of sweets, surrounded by magic?  

I think one of my favorite ways the movies have brought the Great Hall Hallowe’en Feast to life is with the decorations.  There’s the enchanted ceiling that makes it look like you’re sitting under the night sky.  Then, there’s the floating candles and jack-o’-lanterns.  And, of course, there are the random ghostly residents that make their appearances throughout the celebration.

21 Magical Harry Potter Halloween Decorations

If you want to bring a little bit of that Hogwarts magic into your home this Halloween, check out these 21 decoration ideas!  You can string up flameless taper candles with fishing line and hang them from the ceiling.  Add some other wizardly touches with a black cauldron, a sorting hat, and even an oversized chess set that will make you feel like you’re playing Wizard’s Chess! 

On the darker side of magic, you can hang a grim reaper that looks very similar to a Dementor!  And beware of Death Eaters with a wanted poster or two!  Don’t forget your potion bottles!  You wouldn’t want them getting into the wrong hands. 

  1. Flameless Taper Candle Lights
  2. Hanging Grim Reaper
  3. Realistic Hairy Spider
  4. Footprint Floor Decals
  5. Hanging Flame Light
  6. Halloween Pumpkin String Lights
  7. Faux Leather Sorting Hat
  8. Harry Potter Remote Control Wand
  9. Electronic Plush Mandrake
  10. Bellatrix Lestrange Wanted Poster
  11. Ministry of Magic Decal
  12. Snow Owl Plush Animal
  13. Harry Potter Candy Bundle
  14. Black Cauldron
  15. Golden Snitch Table Lamp
  16. Antique Style Brass Skeleton Keys
  17. Harry Potter Hogwarts Banner
  18. Decorative Storage Suitcases
  19. Black Apothecary Bottles
  20. Star Fleece Throw Blanket
  21. Oversized Chess Set

When the magic of Halloween has settled, you can cozy up with a starry fleece blanket (reminiscent of the Great Hall ceiling), snuggle up with a plush owl, crack open some candy, and keep the spellwork going with a remote control wand for your TV!  Pretty fun, huh?!

Are you a Harry Potter fan?  Have you turned your home into Hogwarts for Halloween before?


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