Healthy Summer Snacks for Labor Day

August 27, 2019

Thank you to ShopRite’s Wholesome Pantry for providing me with grilling samples in exchange for this post. No other compensation has been received. All opinions are 100% my own.

Summer might be coming to an end, but these healthy snacks will satisfy your sweet and salty cravings through Labor Day weekend and beyond!

If there’s one thing my family knows how to do well, it’s entertain. We’ve been over my parents’ house numerous times this summer for barbecues, clam feasts, and other family gatherings. I’m sure we’ll be there again during Labor Day weekend to celebrate the end of summer!

When my parents entertain, they put out quite a spread no matter what the occasion!  It always starts with something to snack on like various dips or a cheese board with a variety of olives and sliced Italian bread.  Then, there’s dinner.  And sometimes more dinner after that.  If you still have room, it’s all finished up with a few homemade desserts.  My parents don’t mess around!

But since I’ve been doing really well not eating anything too sugar-loaded or unhealthy, I try (the operate word is “try” here, folks) to be good during weekends at my parents’ house.  I can usually pick healthier options during dinner and I’m not much of a dessert fan, but the snacks do me in every time!

Healthy snacking with ShopRite’s Wholesome Pantry line!

When ShopRite sent me a box of healthy summer snacks from their Wholesome Pantry line, I was super excited!  Wholesome Pantry’s organic snacks are made with clean, simple ingredients that satisfy your sweet and salty snack urges.  These healthy snacks are perfect for Labor Day weekend, school lunches, or snacking on-the-go!

If you’re planning a Labor Day barbecue, consider giving guests some healthy snack options like a variety of fruit and nut bars and granola squares, sweet potato tortilla chips and fresh salsa, or a fruit and nut board made including cashews and mango slices! 

Mango Slices

Dried mango slices are one of my favorite ways to eat this delicious fruit!  These large slices are a chewy, sweet treat to grab and eat, but would also be delicious in homemade trail mix, added to a cheese board, and more! 


Cashews are one of my favorite nuts to snack on.  They’re crunchy and a little sweet in flavor.  They’re great by the handful, add a delightful crunch to savory dishes, and make a great cookie butter!

Maple Pumpkin Seed with Sea Salt Granola Squares

It’s that time of year when anything “pumpkin” catches my interest!  These granola squares is full of flavors that will bring you right into the fall season with every delicious bite!

Oats & Honey Granola Squares

These granola squares are made with good-for-you ingredients like oats, quinoa, millet, and more!  Honey gives them a touch of sweetness, making these an incredibly satisfying snack!

Cranberry Almond Fruit and Nut Bar

Tart cranberries and a mix of nuts (macadamia, almonds, and cashews) give this bar a satisfying crunch!

Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips

Chips and salsa are one of my snack weaknesses!  Thankfully, these tortilla chips don’t make me feel guilty about snacking.  Grab your favorite jar of salsa and dip into it with these salty, slightly sweet chips!  

Head to ShopRite to stock up on these Wholesome Pantry organic snacks for Labor Day weekend!  Learn more about ShopRite’s Wholesome Pantry line of snacks and ingredients here!

Which of these healthy snacks would you grab first?


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