Neutral Easter Decor Ideas

March 23, 2023

If you like natural vibes and minimal decor, these Neutral Easter Decor Ideas will fit right into your home! These neutral toned decorations include bunnies, eggs, carrots, and more!

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Neutral Easter decor ideas for the home including wreaths, bunnies, eggs, and baskets.

For a girl who loves bunny season, I’m lacking in the Easter decor department.  I took a quick look through my Easter bin while I was pulling stuff out for St. Patrick’s Day.  I’m totally underwhelmed by the decorations that I have.  So I’ve recently started shopping for some new Easter decor.

As I started decorating the house with my Easter finds, I noticed something – all of my new decor is pretty much neutral toned.  I’ve purchased wood and natural grass bunnies, creamy stoneware accents, and have plans to create some painted wood decorations.

While I like springtime pastels, the neutral decorations seem to blend in better with the overall aesthetic of our home.  I also feel like I can keep my bunnies out a little bit longer if the colors don’t scream “Easter.”

Neutral Easter Decor Ideas

If you’re into a neutral look when it comes to home decor, check out these 20 neutral Easter decorations!  There’s traditional bunny shapes, cute Easter baskets, speckled eggs, signs and wreaths, and so much more!

  1. Bunny Face Wicker Easter Basket
  2. P. Cottontail & Co. Kitchen Towel
  3. Broken Egg Decorative Easter Bowl
  4. Decorative Rabbit Throw Pillow
  5. Speckled Terracotta Easter Eggs
  6. Burlap Easter Bunny Garland
  7. Cottontail Farms Wooden Easter Sign
  8. Cream and Brown Speckled Eggs Bowl Filler
  9. Wooden Easter Bunny Decorations
  10. Bunny Ears Easter Basket
  11. Decorative White Carrots
  12. Wooden Easter Eggs
  13. Ceramic White Rabbits
  14. Golden Easter Bunny Figurines
  15. White Ceramic Bunny Cake Stand
  16. Easter Bunny Wreath
  17. Gray Resin Bunnies
  18. Bunny Wall Art Set
  19. Easter Bunny Wooden Table Decor
  20. Bunny Candy Dish

I like how the neutral toned decorations not only add a minimal look to seasonal decor, but they add a natural feel as well.  Do you decorate for Easter?  Do you opt for colorful decorations or like a more neutral, minimal look?


Neutral Easter decor ideas for the home including wreaths, bunnies, eggs, carrots, and baskets.

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