Oh For Fox Sake Free iPhone Wallpaper

September 6, 2018

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Download this free “Oh For Fox Sake” iPhone wallpaper to easily add fall style to your phone!  It’s inspired by our new, woodland friends that have inhabited our neighborhood!

If you’ve been following along on Facebook and Instagram, then you know that our neighborhood now has foxes.  Like a lot of foxes!  This is something very new to us.  During the past year, we’ve heard that one or two have been around.  But this is pretty rare for our neighborhood.  Since then, foxes have shown up in our backyard, I’ve seen them while I’m out running errands, and we’ve even had them hide in our garden and underneath our shed!

All of the foxes we’ve seen have mange.  Thankfully, they seem to be more afraid of us than we are of them and tend to stay away.  Still, this is not the norm for us, so I decided to make some calls a few weeks ago.  Animal control basically threw their hands up in the air and said there’s nothing they can do.  They directed me to call Fish, Game, and Wildlife, but another source told me they would trap and euthanize the foxes.  That’s the last thing in the world that I want for these animals.

Through the power of social media, I was contacted by a local animal sanctuary/rescue zoo. I was told that mange can be easily treated and with treatments these foxes could go on to live a healthy life.  However, the state of New Jersey has certain guidelines against people just coming out, trapping, treating wildlife, and releasing them back in the wild.  The zoo said that they were going to make some phone calls and get back to me.  I’m still waiting to hear back from the zoo.  I’m sure it’ll take some work to get an okay from the state, if they can get any answers at all.


So to pay homage to our new, neighborhood friends, I created this snarky iPhone wallpaper! It looks really cute with my purple Otterbox and those leaves in the background have me extra excited for fall!  This wallpaper is sized for iPhone and iPhone Plus, so everyone can enjoy it!  Click the link above to download it or save it to your phone!  FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY!

As for the foxes, my latest update is basically that I don’t have one.  The foxes have become part of the new norm around here.  They still run through our yard from time-to-time and as long as they’re not hurting anyone, I have to just let it be.  I’ve done what I can for these animals and now I have to let nature take its course.


Keep up with all of my fox sightings by clicking the fox icon in my Instagram highlights


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