What to Do with a Simmer Pot

January 9, 2024

If you’ve hopped on the simmer pot trend – or purchased a kit from my Etsy shop – this post explains what to do with a simmer pot and how to make your own fragrance blends.

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Simmer pots – also called “stovetop potpourri” – have become kind of a big deal.  Especially on TikTok, where I first got the idea to include them in my Saturday morning cleaning ritual.  They’ve since replaced the candle I’d light at the end of my cleaning routine.  I’ve even made creating different simmer pot combos a business!

So what is a simmer pot?  I’ve touched on this before in this post.  But as a refresher, simmer pots are a natural way to add fragrance to your home using things like fresh fruit and spices.  I even like to add vanilla extract from time-to-time.  It adds a little extra warmth to the fragrance.

How to Use a Simmer Pot

Simmer pots are super easy to make and use!  Add sliced fruit (dried or fresh works), herb sprigs, and/or whole spices to a small saucepan.  Then, cover with enough water to cover everything and almost fill the pot.  Bring the pot to a slow boil, then lower the heat and allow the pot to simmer.

Can You Simmer in a Crock Pot?

If you’re more comfortable with a crock pot, you can totally simmer in the slow cooker.  The only thing is, I find you don’t get as strong as a fragrance throw as you do simmering the stovetop.

But if you still want to simmer in a slow cooker, place your fruits, spices, etc., into a small crock pot and cover with water.  Then, heat the slow cooker, covered, on high for about 1-2 hours.  Lower the heat, remove the lid, and enjoy the fragrance!

Pile of Christmas Morning simmer pot kits made with orange, cinnamon, cranberries, and pine needles.

How to Use a Kit from My Shop

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve made simmer pots a business and sell simmer pot kits.  Fruits, spices, and herbs are dried, packed, and ready to be used in your home!  I try to locally source as much as possible and take care when it comes to preparing (cleaning, slicing, and dehydrating – more about this in a future post) and packing each kit.

If you’ve purchased one of these kits, it’s easy to use them.  Open the bag, and dump the contents into a pot.  Cover with water and simmer.  That’s it!

I have 13 different simmer pot kits available in a scent combination for everyone!  Since all of the fruits and herbs used in these kits are dehydrated, if stored in a cool, dry place, they should last about a year in the package.

Walk in the Woods simmer pot kit made with pine needles, cinnamon pine cones, cloves, and apple slices.

Can They Be Reused?

Yes!  You can absolutely reuse a simmer pot.  Once you’re finished simmering, allow the pot to cool.  Then, add the contents to a resealable jar or container and keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.  Simmer pots can generally be reused 1-2 times before discarding.

Simmer pot kits are such a nice, non-toxic way to make your home smell great!  And if you have fruits in your bin starting to turn, making a simmer pot is a great way to use it up!  Play around with spices, herbs, extracts, and even essential oils to find a fragrance combo you love!


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