Welcome to Holoka Home

January 5, 2024

Hello, everyone!  First, allow me to wish you a Happy 2024!  I kind of like the sound of that – 2024.  Numerologically speaking, I read that 2024 is an “8” year, meaning we’ll play on our strengths and maybe go through a bit of a growth spurt.  It’s a year of hope and change for the better.  I’m here for it and I think it works well with the changes happening here on my website.

I hope as we move forward with Holoka Home, you’ll continue to grow with me.  It’s going to be a learning experience and a whole new journey.  We’re going to tackle sustainability, intentional living, new skills, going outside and playing (that includes getting down and dirty in the garden), and so much more!

Holoka Home Shop

I’m going to introduce you to my new baby – the Holoka Home Etsy shop where I sell botanical items like simmer pot kits, bath products, and gift items.  So expect some product breakdowns – like how to use simmer pot kits, items great for Valentine’s Day, and the like.

New, Better Content

And I’m sure you’re still looking forward to the content you’ve grown to enjoy and expect from me.  Don’t worry!  It’ll be back!  But instead of following the trends, as I used to do, I want to make recipes and crafts that are budget-friendly and teach us new skills (more bread making, using what we grow, and more), and are made on my time – not according to a structured content schedule.

We’re going to connect with nature and use natural sources, live freely, and embrace the changing seasons.  And, by golly, we’re going to have some fun while we do it!

So I hope you’ll stick around while I work out the kinks and get this new blogging phase going!  For more about these new changes, read here.