Living La Vida Holoka is Changing

December 27, 2023

Hello, friends!  So some big news…I am rebranding and changing the intention behind this website.  It’s been a long journey with Living La Vida Holoka.  And while I’ve had my fair share of fun, my passion has dwindled over the past few years.

You know how Albert Einstein said, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?”  That’s kind of how running this website has felt.  While my blog has been my business, there’s been little to no growth since before the pandemic.  I needed to make a change.

Becoming Holoka Home

After feeling stagnant in my blogging journey, I opened up an Etsy shop on a whim at the beginning of November.  It was created out of a Saturday morning simmer pot ritual.  As I clean the house and work in the kitchen each weekend, I usually have a simmer pot on the stove.

I decided to put together simmer pot kits using natural elements I had on hand and could use from our garden.  That idea branched into an entire botanical shop where I sell many natural home fragrance products, bath products, and more.

As I’ve said before, I want the feel of my shop to be part Sally Owens from Practical Magic, part Rose Apothecary from Schitt’s Creek, and part Pamela Anderson garden goddess.  I never imagined that my little idea would take off like it did this holiday season!

The Future of LLVH

That said, Living La Vida Holoka will soon become Holoka Home.  A new name and new look, but this shouldn’t affect my content that much.  I will still be posting new recipes, craft projects, and other posts (some now shop related).

However, I do want to focus a lot on using what you have, connecting with nature, making the most of your garden, and living a sustainable lifestyle.  If that’s something you’re interested in, I hope you’ll stick around!

Social Media Changes

The only real changes you’ll see on social media – aside from the general vibe of my content – is my username, lavidaholoka.  Everything will be switched over to Holoka Home.

For pages and profiles already established for my Etsy shop, they’ll change to holokahomeshop.  Anything blog related will become holokahomesite.

I’m hoping to have all of these changes made by the end of January.  Then, I’ll get started on new and improved content to share with you!  I hope you’ll be part of this new journey in 2024.  I’m excited to get started!