How to Make a Dog-Friendly Easter Basket

March 16, 2016

Don’t leave your dog out on Easter morning! Make them a dog-friendly Easter basket filled with fun Easter toys, treats, and more!

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I’m going to be real as a pet parent.  Hunter can definitely be a pain in the butt!  He begs for attention, barks at everything, and can be a total skutch.   But I couldn’t imagine spending a day without him now!  He’s my little buddy!  We’ve gotten used to each other’s routine.  I take care of him first thing in the morning.  Then he curls up next to me on the couch while I check my e-mail and take care of some other things.  He knows when we’re going somewhere like the park or my parents’ house and waits anxiously by the door.  It’s cute, really.

So I absolutely love a chance to spoil him.  Like Easter!  With the upcoming holiday, I decided to make Hunter a dog-friendly Easter basket filled with some new treats and toys.  He got a rubber egg toy that he can chase as it wobbles and rolls, a rope toy for playing tug, a rubber carrot toy that you can stuff treats into, and some grain-free treats that he’s sure to love! 

If you want to make an Easter basket for your dog, check out these 15 ideas including treats, toys, and more!  

How to Make a Dog-Friendly Easter Basket

  1. Carrot Chew Toy
  2. Easter Headbands
  3. Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy
  4. Peeps Bunny Toys
  5. Bunny Print Bandana
  6. Lambchop Easter Dog Toy
  7. Edible Easter Card
  8. Grain-Free Egg Dog Treats
  9. Rope Rabbit Easter Toy
  10. Bunny Poop Emoji Toy
  11. Peeps Bunny Costume
  12. Easter Egg Dog Toy
  13. Tough and Durable Bunny Squeaky Tug Toy
  14. Chocolate Bunny Collar
  15. Easter Cake Bites Dog Treat Box


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