12 Fall Dog Toys, Treats, and More

October 30, 2018

If your dog loves all the best things about fall, too, they’re bound to love these 12 fall dog toys, treats, and more including pumpkin, plaid, leaves, and apples!

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Does your dog like hitting the hiking trail with the family, taking rides with you to Starbucks, tagging along to the orchard, or sharing apple and pumpkin treats with you?  Well, your dog might just be basic AF! 

Okay. So maybe your dog really isn’t “basic AF.”  All kidding aside, there are some really adorable fall treats and toys that you can buy for your dog so they can enjoy everything about the season, too!  

You’ve got to have a cozy flannel shirt and some warm boots when heading outside to enjoy the crisp, fall weather!  Now your pup can have them in bandana, shirt, and plush form!  Your dog can also enjoy a PSL dog toy and chow down on seasonal treats like apple biscuits and pumpkin pup-pie!  Love fall foliage?  There are a bunch of pretty leaf print products, too! 

12 Fall Dog Toys, Treats, and More

Hunter loves cooler weather and seasonal fall treats just as much as I do!  I’ve made him his very own homemade pumpkin treats and he loves going hiking with us to check out the changing leaves.  We share everything with our dog.  It’s nice to be able to share everything we love about the changing seasons with him, too!  

  1. Pumpkin Plush Dog Toy
  2. PSL Plush Dog Toy
  3. Pumpkin Strips Dog Treats
  4. Plaid Bandana
  5. Pumpkin and Apple Dog Treats
  6. Pumpkin Pup-Pie
  7. Plaid Dog Shirt
  8. My Little Pumpkins Mutt Mallows
  9. Leaf Print Dog Collar
  10. Pugg Boot Plush Dog Toy
  11. Apple Pie Dog Treats
  12. Leaf Pattern Dog Bed


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