Five Ways to Get Organized with Cricut Joy

April 14, 2020

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

Make spring cleaning and organizing a breeze with these 5 easy ways to get organized with Cricut Joy and Smart Materials!

Have you been doing a lot more cleaning and organizing lately? Not only is it spring cleaning time, but spending more time indoors has given me the itch to straighten up and get things in order around here! So far, I’ve gotten rid of clutter in the attic, reorganized closets and cabinets, and did some deep cleaning around the house. I also managed to add some labels to storage thanks to my new Cricut Joy!

The Cricut Joy is Cricut’s newest cutting machine. It’s light and portable so you can craft anywhere! This compact machine gives you the option of using mats thanks to Cricut’s line of Smart Materials that come in extended sizes with up to a 20 foot repeated cut capability! The projects are endless with this little machine that can do so much (including making cards)!

The Cricut Joy recently helped me get organized around the house. I was able to carry the machine from room-to-room – even the kitchen – and just had to plug it in! In no time at all, I made labels for baking ingredients, labels for craft supplies, and even made planner stickers to motivate me to use my planner more!

Just like Cricut’s other machines, you can also write with Cricut Joy! There’s an entire collection of Cricut Joy pens to write in a variety of styles and colors! The ability to write made it even easier to get some of my storage labeled! Take a look at these five simple projects to help you get organized with Cricut Joy!

Five Ways to Get Organized with Cricut Joy


Label ingredients in the kitchen

I’ve been doing a bit more baking than usual lately and stocking up on ingredients like nuts and chocolate chips when I can. To keep these ingredients fresh and within easy reach, I stored them in airtight plastic containers and made labels for them.

Personalize mail bins in the office

In our home office, we have three separate mail bins. The first bin is where we keep new mail or mail addressed to both of us, the second bin is for my mail, and the last bin is for my husband’s mail. Every once in a while, a piece of my husband’s mail ends up in my bin, or my husband ends up opening something of mine that ended up in his bin. Adding “his,” “hers,” and “ours” labels lessens the confusion.

Organize craft supplies

A few months ago, I bought small, plastic containers to sort some of my craft supplies. Since the containers are out in the open, I wanted to add labels to them that looked simple and clean. So I used the Smart Label Writable Vinyl to cut labels and also use a Cricut Joy pen to write what was being stored in each container.

Organize the bathroom closet

Our bathroom closet was a bit of a mess before I got to organize it. We have cleaning products, hair products, towels, and all of my skincare and makeup stored in there. I was able to stick some labels on my storage to designate space for my hair ties, nail polish, and makeup. It’s made it way easier to find what I’m looking for while keeping the space neat and organized!

Make planner stickers

Each day kind of blends into the next lately, so I wanted to make sure I was making use out of my planner. The easiest way to motivate myself to use my planner is with new planner stickers! I cut some simple designs, like flags and check marks, out of Adhesive Backed Deluxe Paper in pretty floral and striped designs.

How to Make Kitchen Storage Labels


1. Open the pantry labels project in Design Space. Go through the labels and delete the labels you won’t be using.

2. Resize the labels, if necessary, and change the color, if desired.

3. Once it’s time to cut, you’ll be prompted to choose a mat option. I have been cutting without a mat for most projects.

4. The last thing to do is get your material loaded and hit go!

5. Then, peel and stick the label with transfer tape onto the storage container of your choice.

How to Make Writable Storage Labels


1. Open the Craft Supplies Labels project in Design Space or search for a label shape in images.

2. Resize and duplicate the image as many times as needed.

3. Then, choose a font style making sure it’s set to “writing.” This lets the Cricut Joy know you want to use a pen with this project. Type in each label space, then send to cut.

4. Review your labels. Then, follow the prompts on screen to set each tool for writing and cutting.

5. The ink dries pretty fast, but I usually allow a little time for it to dry completely. Then, you can peel and stick the labels easily without transfer tape.

How to Make Planner Stickers


1. Open the planner stickers project in Design Space or search for images and shapes you would like to use as stickers.

2. I chose a simple flag and check mark design. Then, I resized and duplicated the images and changed the color of each shape to reflect the color paper I was using.

3. I used a Light Grip Mat for this project, so I selected that option to load my materials.

4. Then, I cut each color as prompted.

5. Finally, I trimmed my stickers and peeled off the excess paper to make small sticker sheets to keep in my planner.

If getting the house organized is next on your spring cleaning list, keep the Cricut Joy in mind for easy labeling! The Cricut Joy and Cricut Joy materials are now available online and in-store. Learn more about this impressive, little machine on!

Did you get organized with any of these Cricut Joy ideas? Share on social media using the hashtag #livinglavidadiy. Don’t forget to tag me @lavidaholoka!


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