15 Spooky Cute Nightmare Before Christmas Pet Products

September 3, 2020

If your dog is the Zero to your Jack, check out these 15 Spooky Cute Nightmare Before Christmas Pet Products to put you and your pooch in the Halloween spirit!

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The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my absolute favorite Halloween (and Christmas!) movies.  Actually, it’s one of my all-time favorite Disney movies!  So it’s really no surprise that my love for the movie has trickled down to Hunter.  A few years ago, I had sewn a Jack Skellington bandana for him to wear on Halloween.  And after doing a recent search for some Halloween pet goodies, it turns out that I’m not the only pet owner who wants to share their love for Jack Skellington and friends with their Zero. 

Honestly, I was just looking for a new Halloween collar for Hunter.  I ended up going down quite the rabbit hole of Nightmare Before Christmas products!  Of course, there are plenty of collars and bandanas to choose from.  And even character costumes, too, if your dog doesn’t mind dressing up!  But now, my Amazon wishlist is filled with a bunch of spooky good NBC toys, collars, and more for my spoiled little dog! 

15 Spooky Cute Nightmare Before Christmas Pet Products

It’s hard enough to restrain myself from buying all the cute things for my dog when it’s not based on one of my favorite movies!  But stumbling upon all of these cool Nightmare Before Christmas themed pet products has made it really hard not to turn our home into Halloween Town!  I mean, did you know that there are even NBC dental dog treats?  You better believe that Hunter’s getting some of those! 

If you love Jack and Sally, wish you had a dog like Zero, or just really, really want some cool Halloween stuff for your dog, check out these 15 Nightmare Before Christmas pet products!  They’re frighteningly adorable! 

  1. Jack Skellington Pet Bed
  2. Zero Portable Pet House Dog Bed
  3. Jack Skellington Pet Throw Blanket
  4. Nightmare Before Christmas Dog Collar
  5. Cemetery Scene Dog Leash
  6. Sally Rope Plush Chew Toy
  7. Lock, Shock, and Barrel Dog Toy
  8. Nightmare Before Christmas Dental Dog Treats
  9. Nightmare Before Christmas Snake Rope Toy
  10. Oogie Boogie Squeaker Toy
  11. Jack Skellington Squeaky Dog Toy
  12. Jack Skellington Pet Bandana
  13. Nightmare Before Christmas ID Tag
  14. Zero Pet Costume
  15. Jack Skellington Dog T-Shirt


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