Pampas Grass Witch’s Broom

October 13, 2023

This Pampas Grass Witch’s Broom is the cutest Halloween decoration with a total boho vibe. It’s made with a wooden stick, pampas grass stems, fall floral picks, and jute ribbon.

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After making my Fall Floral Witch Hat, I was left with a bunch of artificial florals and picks.  I started playing with a pampas grass stem and thought that it would make an excellent witch’s broom.  So I picked up a few more stems of pampas grass and started thinking about how I could construct a DIY broom.

First, I needed a broomstick.  I thought about just grabbing a small branch from the backyard, but that would entail a bit of prep work – including days, weeks, and months of drying time to properly disinfect and preserve the branch.

Instead, I clipped a small stick from an old grapevine wreath.  You could also use a wooden dowel, small twigs bundled together, or craft branches in place of a stem from a grapevine wreath.

In order to make my broom, I arranged the pampas grass around the stick.  I clipped the pampas grass stem, keeping about 1/4-1/2 inch in tact, and hot glued them stem-by-stem around the end of the stick.

After that, I glued some fall florals onto the broom.  I finished the broomstick by gluing jute around the stick to hide the floral pick stems.

You can finish the broom with a loop of twine at the top for hanging.  Or display it on a shelf or table.  They also make a really cute, handmade Halloween gift!

Pampas Grass Witch’s Broom

This witch’s broom is an adorable way to add to your Halloween decor.  The pampas grass gives it a boho feel.  Once the pampas grass is glued in place, you can decorate the broom any way you wish!

Brown pampas grass hot glued onto grapevine stem to create a witch's broomstick.

Start the broomstick by heating a glue gun.  Use wire cutters to trim the pampas grass stems.  Glue the stems to the stick or branch and allow to dry.

Close up photo of fall floral picks hot glued onto a pampas grass broomstick.

Next, decide how you want to decorate the broom.  I used some dried grass and an apple floral pick to decorate my broomstick.  Glue everything in place and allow the glue to dry.

Jute ribbon tied around pampas grass broom embellished with floral picks.

I finished my broom by gluing jute ribbon around it to hide the floral stems and adding a bow.  And that’s it!

Hole drilled into top of grapevine branch. Hand drill and twine in background along with cauldron and spell book.

Pampas Grass Witch's Broom hung next to cinnamon broom.

I wanted to display my broom next to my cinnamon broomsticks that I have hanging on hooks under a shelf.

While you can glue a loop onto the back of the stick, I decided to drill a small hole.  Then, I tied a loop of twine and hung the broom.

Horizontal photo of Pampas Grass Witch's Broom. Spell book and cauldron also pictured.



  1. Heat a glue gun and trim the pampas grass stems.  Glue the stems around the wooden stick and allow to dry.
  2. Next, trim fall floral picks to fit the broom.  Glue in place and allow glue to dry.
  3. Cut a piece or two of jute ribbon and glue around the broom to hide the top of the stems.  If desired, also tie a bow and glue it into place.
  4. Display on a shelf, or use a hand drill to drill a small hole onto the top of the broom.  Then, string twine through the hole, create a loop, and hang.

This is exactly what I had in mind while I was playing around with that pampas grass stem.  It’s such a cute addition to my spooky season decor and I love the fact that I can display it in so many different ways!

Did you make this Pampas Grass Witch’s Broom project? Share it on social media using the hashtag #livinglavidadiy. Don’t forget to tag me @lavidaholoka!


Pampas Grass Witch's Broom pinnable image.

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