Parks and Recreation Merch for Pawnee Fans

July 12, 2022

If you think that Parks and Rec is lit-erally one of the funniest shows, treat yo self to some Parks and Recreation merch. You deserve it, you noble land mermaid!

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July is Parks and Recreation Month.  While the holiday really spotlights great parks, trails, and nature preserves, I couldn’t help but think of Parks and Rec, the TV show.  I watched the entire series the first time in 2020 and lit-erally fell in love with it!

There are so many great characters in this comedic mockumentary! But I think my favorites are April Ludgate (I can identify with her love for all things spooky and adoration of animals over people), Ron Swanson, and surprisingly – because I’m normally not a fan of perky – Chris Traeger.

It’s hard to pick a favorite though because each character is funny in their own way and each episode is enjoyable!

Parks and Recreation Merch for Pawnee Fans

If you’re a fellow fan of Pawnee and the great employees of the Department of Parks and Recreation, treat yo self to some of these 20 items celebrating the show!  You deserve it, you beautiful unicorn!

  1. Leslie Knope Parks And Recreation Quote Magnet
  2. Leslie Knope Notepad and Pencil Set
  3. Cones of Dunshire T-Shirt
  4. Treat Yo Self Stemless Wine Glass
  5. Li’l Sebastian Pawnee Harvest Festival Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers
  6. City of Pawnee Coffee Mug w/Pen and Note Pad
  7. Ron Swanson Breakfast Quote Socks
  8. JJ’s Diner T-Shirt
  9. Li’l Sebastian Ceramic Coffee Mug
  10. Jean Ralphio Getting Older Is The Worst Makeup Bag
  11. Tervis Parks and Recreation Insulated Tumbler
  12. Colors & Recreation Colored Pencil Set
  13. Parks and Rec Hawaiian Shirt
  14. Ron Swanson Woman of the Year Shirt
  15. Mouse Rat Logo T-Shirt
  16. Parks & Rec Stickers
  17. Funko Pop! Parks and Rec Set
  18. Ron Swanson Pop Socket
  19. Hoes Before Bros Leslie Knope Tank Top
  20. Parks & Rec Collage Puzzle

Who’s your favorite Parks and Rec character?


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