DIY Party Cake Candle

July 28, 2014

Make every day a celebration with this sprinkle-filled DIY Birthday Cake Candle that smells like vanilla and looks like a party!

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DIY Party Cake Candle

Tomorrow is my birthday and I made a new DIY project to celebrate!  You can’t have a birthday without blowing out a candle or two, or even indulging in a slice of party cake – or two!  This sprinkle-filled DIY Party Cake Candle smells like vanilla and looks like a celebration!
The candle is set in a pint-size mason jar (my favorite candle vessel of choice!).  The soy candle is lightly scented with vanilla candle scent to give it a sweet, cake-like smell. Add some sprinkles to the inside and boom!  Instant party!
DIY Party Cake Candle


  • Pint-size mason jar
  • Soy candle wax
  • Soy wicks
  • Glue dots
  • Vanilla candle scent
  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Light corn syrup, watered down
  • Paint brush


  1. Secure a soy wick to the bottom of a mason jar using a Glue Dot.
  2. Measure a generous 2 cups of candle wax into a glass measuring cup.  Melt the wax in the microwave for 60 seconds, then 30 second intervals until wax is completely melted.  If using a double boiler, measure candle wax and pour into your candle pouring pot.  Heat wax until it’s completely melted.
  3. Add candle scent (start with 10 drops at a time until desired fragrance strength is reached) to wax.  Mix thoroughly with a bamboo skewer. 
  4. Mix a little corn syrup and water together in a bowl.  Brush the inside of the mason jar with the corn syrup mixture.
  5. Pour in sprinkles and roll the jar to coat all sides.
  6. Carefully pour the melted candle wax into the mason jar. 
  7. Put your candle in the fridge and let it set just enough so the top is still melted a bit.  
  8. Light your candle and party

DIY Party Cake Candle

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