Simple Ways to Say Thanks to Mom this Mother’s Day

May 9, 2018

Say thanks to Mom this Mother’s Day with simple gestures to show you how much you care and appreciate all that she does for you! Make Mother’s Day gifting even easier with a delicious fruit arrangement from!

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Women are amazing.  Some are total boss babes, some are inspiring and strong survivors, some are loving, supportive mothers – the list goes on and on.  You know, I really can’t think of a more deserving woman than my mother. She works harder than anyone I know, makes sure her family is taken care of, and always, always, puts her family before herself.  Mom doesn’t always have it easy and she definitely deserves a break.  But despite everything that life throws at my Mom, she always finds a way to get through it, stay strong, and take care of her family. 

Mother’s Day is always a great reason to shower your Mom with a little extra love.  But I’m definitely all about giving back to my parents as much as possible throughout the year.  After all, they’ve had my back for 36 years and somehow managed to deal with my angst ridden and extremely difficult teenage years.  But no matter how old I get, one thing’s for sure – I will always need my mommy. 

Show your Mom how much you appreciate all she does this Mother’s Day with these simple ways to say “thanks.”

Cook her a delicious meal and make sure she doesn’t lift a finger after dinner

Usually, on my Mom’s birthday or Mother’s Day, my siblings and I make Mom a really fantastic meal.  We find out what she wants and then whip up something delicious.  She’ll have a homemade dinner and dessert.  Cleanup is all taken care of, too.  A special, homemade meal is always a great way to say “thanks.”

Take her out for a day of fun – your treat!

Tomorrow, my Mom and I are attending a local Girls Night Out event.  That means discounted meals, drinks, and shopping!  We went together last year and had a great time together!  Mom will definitely be treated to something special while we’re out.  Drinks on me?  Probably!

Just spend some quality time together

There’s nothing easier you can do for Mom than spending a little quality time with her.  Most weekends, I find myself at my parents house.  Even though I love to visit with both of my parents, I always find some time to spend alone talking to my Mom.  

Call her on the phone and have a meaningful chat

I know this might come as kind of a shock, but I hate texting.  I mean, hate! Sure, it’s fine for sending quick info or photos, but otherwise I definitely prefer phone calls.  So I try to call my Mom at least once a week just to catch up with her, listen if she needs to vent, or just say “hi.”  It’s much more meaningful than sending her a text!

Send her something special, like a Fruit Bouquet

You guys know that I love my friends at Fruit Bouquets.  They sent me this Mom’s the Best™ bouquet to share with my Mom.  I brought it over to her house last Friday to start her Mother’s Day celebration early.  She loved it (and so did the rest of the family)!

When I walked through the door, she was so surprised to see me carrying this Fruit Bouquet! You could smell how fresh and juicy the fruit was. The chocolate-covered strawberries tasted like they were dipped in strawberry chocolate. The chocolate hearts are actually chocolate-covered pineapple, which was so delicious!  Just like Mom always does, she happily shared her bouquet with the family.  

If you’re interested in sending your Mom a Fruit Bouquet for Mother’s Day, guarantees same day delivery if you place your order by 11AM.  Of course, it’s recommended to order ahead of time.  Especially with a holiday!  Give Mom a little of your time this Mother’s Day and a Fruit Bouquet. has plenty of arrangements to choose from and your Mom will appreciate the gesture!

Turn your Fruit Bouquet arrangement into a brunch surprise for Mom with a Mother’s Day Fruit and Cheese Board and a nice bottle of wine!


How will you tell your Mom “thanks” this Mother’s Day?

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