Lighting Our Backyard with Solar Landscape Lights

April 1, 2021

Brighten up your yard with solar landscape lights that can easily be placed in pathways, decorative rocks, steps, and other outdoor spaces!

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With springtime officially here, I have been focusing on cleaning up our yard and getting it ready for long days spent outside. While the energy is up during the daytime hours of spring and summer, we often find ourselves staying outside as the evening settles in.  The night cools everything down, the crickets begin to sing their evening song, and our solar lights add a subtle glow to our backyard.

We’re no strangers to solar lighting.  Over the past few years, we’ve installed path lighting, hung solar lamps, and added solar stakes around the yard.  Up until now, I wasn’t all that familiar with solar landscape lighting like solar bricks.  So when I saw them available on, I knew I had to add a few to our backyard.

Lighting Our Backyard with Solar Landscape Lights’s solar bricks are available in three different sizes as well as warm and cool color options.  The thing that I really love about these bricks is that they can be used as stand alone lighting for areas like steps or pathways, or integrated into mulch or rocky areas.  And all you have to do to turn them on is flip them over and push the “on” button!  A good day of sunshine will get them powered and ready to light up at night!

Add Easy Lighting to Your Yard with Solar Bricks

I ended up getting four 6×6″ warm white solar bricks to add to our backyard.  The placement possibilities were endless!  I thought about placing them around our deck or adding two on each side of our cellar door.  Ultimately, I ended up putting two of these bricks on our back steps and placed two of them in the rocks between our herb planter boxes.

I was really surprised at how bright these lit up the first night!  Each glass brick contains five energy-efficient LED lights that give off quite a glow!  So not only do they look nice, they provide a good source of lighting for dark areas in your yard.

These solar bricks are made out of thick glass and are solid!  Once in place, they’re not going to move! They have a decorative texture so they look nice even when they’re not turned on. But when they’re charged, they’ll light up for 6-8 hours.

I asked if these lights can be left outside all year (especially since Jersey’s winters get freezing cold and snowy).  They said that they are okay to leave outside all year round.  During the winter, when it’s not as sunny, they won’t be as bright. It’s also a good idea to put them in a place where water won’t puddle.

Are you getting your backyard ready for warmer weather?  Add new solar lighting from to your yard and landscaping to keep things glowing throughout the night!


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