10 Sweet Treats for Strawberry Day

February 24, 2017

Monday is National Strawberry Day!  It’s still too early for fresh strawberries around here.  We have a wooden garden box filled with strawberry plants out back that I can’t wait to pick over the Summer.  Every year, they get a little better and a little sweeter.  Except now, I have to share my berries with the dog. Thankfully, I won’t have to share any of these sweet treats with Hunter (but I might just have to share them with my husband instead)! 

Celebrate National Strawberry Day with these 10 delicious strawberry recipes!

Slowcooker Strawberry Bread Pudding | Beauty in the Mess
Strawberry & White Wine Slushie | Simply {Darr}ling 
Easy Strawberry Peach Crostata Recipe | Growing Up Gabel
Triple-Berry Cheesecake Trifle | Life of a Ginger
Chocolate Strawberry Pancakes | Lattes, Life & Luggage
Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie | This Girl’s Life
Quick Strawberry Jam | Naptime is My Time
Strawberry Fruit Dip | Hello Nature
Star Spangled Fruit Salad | Living La Vida Holoka
Strawberry-Apple Galette | Mom’s Messy Miracles

Did you know that there’s a Pick Strawberries Day, as well?  So if strawberries are one of your favorite berries, you can celebrate all over again on May 20th!

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