Traveling Through The Time Garden

October 2, 2015

The Time Garden

Heaven knows I’ve been busy this past month!  I’ve been thrown completely off course ever since we got our puppy and I’m now trying to get back into a normal daily routine that works for both me and Hunter.  It’s still a bit of a work in progress, but we’re getting there.  Most importantly, I’ve gotten my work groove back.   That’s something I struggled with the most.

Since we’re crate training, I usually take the crate inside of our office.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing this from the beginning!  I’ve been able to catch up on SO much work this past week!  He’s even really good in his crate when I have to run to the store for project supplies or recipe ingredients.  THANK GOODNESS!  Since I’ve been able to catch up during the day, I no longer have to switch puppy watching shifts with my husband.  Instead, I now get to spend some time with him and Hunter.

Of course, there’s still those moments when I just want to do something for myself whether it’s watching one of my favorite shows or movies, writing to a friend, or working on a craft project.  I absolutely love the adult coloring trend, so I was really excited to get The Time Garden by Daria Song.  This coloring book is gorgeous from start to finish.  Even the cover of the book has pretty little details like metallic foil leaves. 

The Time Garden

Inside the book, you’ll find a story about a little girl who travels through a magical cuckoo clock into a land full of stars, owls, treetops, and more.  There is so much detail in this book that at times it can seem dizzying.  However, I’ve found that beginning with one significant image won’t overwhelm you.

When I get the chance to take a time out from my day, I find myself pouring a cup of tea and opening this book to color a new page.  The book is made with heavy craft-paper so my Mr. Sketch Stix won’t bleed through them (I only use the best)!  There’s a lot of floral detail in this book, as well.  I tend to use my watercolor pencils for those pages so, eventually, I can go back and blend the colors.

The Time Garden

I used to love coloring as a kid and that hobby has definitely grown with me as an adult.  Maybe it’s that warming cup of tea, sniffing too many Mr. Sketch markers while I color, or focusing on getting every little detail colored right, but this current trend really is relaxing! I can’t wait to continue coloring through this beautiful book!

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