Weekend Recap: Building Things, Gardening and Being Outdoorsy

April 29, 2014

Saturday was kind of a bust.  The weather wasn’t too beautiful, I had sinus issues and some work to finish.  Sunday completely made up for that!  We spent the entire day together and most of it outdoors.  We spent the morning washing and waxing the cars, then headed inside to work on a project idea I’ve had hanging on the fridge for a couple months.  Target had a wooden storage box with a chalkboard-painted area on the front for sale in one of their flyers. The box was being used for magazine storage.  My husband always has scrap wood lying around for these projects I come up with so I knew it would be a cheap DIY! We needed new stain so we took a walk to Sears where I picked up a can in the color “Gunstock.”  It’s a beautiful, rich reddish-brown with good cover.

Both sides of my wood are stained and an area has been prepped for my chalkboard.  I can’t wait until this project is completely put together.  I’ll be sure to share a how-to on the blog!  I would love to show you the other project we made together, but being that it’s a Mother’s Day gift I have to hold off.  It was awesome to work on!  Especially when my husband suggested the final touches that gave it a very distinct look and were added with a blow torch!  It looks so good that I kind of want to make one for myself (and have an excuse to use the blow torch again).

After lunch, we took our usual weekend walk by the water and trip to Home Depot.  We’ve seriously been there every weekend, but I think my husband enjoys the fact that I’m into the store now as well.  My husband let me go wild in the flower department, but since I have an upcoming trip to a rather large greenhouse coming up after Mother’s Day, I stuck to a little English Daisy plant to fill an empty pot in the backyard.  My husband found another hummingbird for the garden (he knows how I love them!) and we also bought two pepper plants to put into the ground next month.

Our night ended with homemade ham and cheese calzone for dinner using pizza dough, mozzarella and provolone cheeses and some leftover ham.  I thought I created a pretty excellent calzone.  My husband wasn’t a big fan of the ham I used so next time I’ll try something different.  We rounded the evening off by tying up some loose ends (aka making the shopping list and getting plans together for the week) and a little TV and computer time.

These weekends come and go so quickly.  Being that the weeks fly by pretty fast as well, there’s hope for another for a fast arrival of another nice weekend!


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